Why MRT – Mission Statement – Happy Clients

MRT are different…………

Our mission statement says it all, “happy clients
We are not happy unless you are happy.

When you choose MRT you will immediately find things happen that are not “usual”
You can rely on the following:


  • All our regular servicing work is covered by a LIFETIME Warranty.
  • Even a lot of our performance modifications are covered by this as well!
  • We guarantee our servicing will not effect your new  or used car warranty

Your initial booking

  • When you call we will ask you if you require a loan car or lift to somewhere, locally.
  • All our bookings are electronic and your needs are recorded when you book so they are acted upon when you arrive with your car.
  • We send you a SMS message the day prior your booking as a convenient reminder.

Drop  off

  • We can give you a lift to work, (please check our area we travel to) the local train station, shopping centre or ferry.
  • We can also collect you from work in the afternoon.
    (this service may vary depending on your work location so please ask us when you book in)
  • We have after hours drop off, just ask us how

Loan cars

  • We have five manual transmissioon loan cars.
  • Please ask us when you book if you want one
  • Cost per day is $45

When your car is with us

11 Reasons to choose MRT

  1. You are personally greeted and your list of what was recorded in our diary, is detailed on a job sheet.
  2. Not everyone is the same, so we will personalise our work to meet your needs.
    We will discuss with you what you want done and make suggestions to help you decide what is best for you and your car.
  3. We will ask you what time you would prefer to collect your car and immediately let you know if this can be acheived.
  4. All cars are road tested prior to us working on them to check anything that needs to be done prior to us starting work.
  5. We will only complete work as you have approved, no work that incurs a cost is done without your approval
  6. Every car gets a 78 point safety check (worth $95).
    When done with any other booked work we provide this free and wether its part of the work you asked or not.
    (Its our way of providing you piece of mind)
  7. You get to keep the actual safety report completed (and personally signed) by the technician who worked on your car.
  8. Your technician will use the job sheet to ensure all the work listed is completed, he / she will mark off all your requests to ensure everything is completed as you asked and as requested by our workshop manager. All labour and parts are listed on our job sheet for accuracy.
  9. Your log book will be stamped, signed and dated.
    Plus the technitian will personally sign-off on your car, to ensure its 100% complete.
  10. We will call or SMS you to advise you your car is ready.
    If it is delayed we will call you with plenty of warning to allow you to make arrangements.
  11. Your car will be road tested after work is completed as a final check over.


  • You can pay by bank transfer, (please note bank tranfers can sometimes delay collection) cash or credit card.
  • One of our freindly staff will read through your paperwork to explain and answer any quesitons on the work we completed
  • You will be advised if your car needs to come back for any other work
  • We will explain any special requirements with your new parts that we fitted.
  • We can arrange after hours collection.


  • 1-2 days after your car leaves us, you will receive a SMS message to initially check everything is 100% (as we expect it will be).
  • 2 – 7 days later, you will receive a personal call from one of our independant customer satisfaction clerks to check on your car and also to gain your feedback (so we can find that small item to improve).
    Your feedback is measured and this is how we continue to improve (and why we have such a high client satisfaction rating)
  • If you ask for more advice then one of our staff will reply you within 24hrs.


  • 3 months later you will get a letter or telephone call of a Free safety check and we will check again as well as ask your km’s travelled, as you may not want to wait for the scheduled service interval (often 6 months)
  • 6 months you will get a letter or telephone call as your service interval will be due.

Contact us now so we can show you why we are rated the top workshop for customer satisfaction.

Visit this page for customer feedback.

Visit the MRT Auto page for even more about our regular servicing here.

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