Wheel Alignments

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Using the latest technology, MRT complete all wheel alignment related items, "in house".

  • 2 or 4 wheel alignments,
  • 2wd and 4wd cars
  • Checking for bent chassis and suspension, damaged steering racks.
  • Crash damage, poor repairs...
  • Corner weighting and more is done all by us.

Our 4 post hoist is specifically designed for reliable and fast work in this very specialist area. Our trained technicians, regularly attend industry seminars to ensure (we) they are fully up to date. Don't under-estimate the importance of regular wheel alignment checks for improved fuel economy and reduced tyre wear.

  • Sports or track wheel alignments are one of our specialties. If you even attend the track once, invest in an MRT sports wheel alignment and you will be guaranteed to save the cost of the alignment in reduced tyre wear. Plus you will have more fun with a car that handles much better!
  • Corner Weighting. By weighing and adjusting spring platform heights we can ensure you get 100% from your car. For more details refer "corner weighting"

Corner weighting - A crucial element of any car that has height adjustable shocks. Balancing the weight of a car evenly dramatically improves balance and handling. Our investment in the latest equipment ensures you can rely on an accurate result. Often overlooked, 90% of all dedicated race cars are corner weighted.
Are you missing out on the vital edge to improve your suspension package?