We spend countless hours in our dyno facility refining our MRT Power Kits to offer you the best possible value for money, and back them with our Factory Warranty Guarantee. However if your car is already customised, not to worry!

MRT are happy to offer custom vehicle tuning solutions to suit your specific vehicle and of course, your personal goals for your car.

Give us a call now on 9767-4545 to tailor a solution to suit your specific needs!

Our promise to you is to make sure we deliver on what you need, thats why we offer a warranty on almost every thing that you need

  • Custom Tuned.
    Your car will be individually tuned to suit your unique needs, the production variatons, wear and tear, amd modification level of your car.
    Yes your car is unique so we tune uniquely!
    You can rely on knowing we will deliver a result specific for you.
    We often spend 2 – 3 hrs fine tuning your car to get the best result as part of our final testing and quality control.
MRT Tuned

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