Buy a New Car, modified, with Warranty and even finance!

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To meet your needs, MRT have extended their Factory Warranty Guarantee option even further!

MRT Warranty



In the past if you wanted to buy a new (or used) car with mods, you were restricted to having to buy genuine parts from the car dealer with absolutely no alternative choice of supplier!

To save time we have a easy to use option here so we can assist you in getting the very best deal on a new or used car. 
New Car Enquiry here

If you wanted improved suspension, or a MRT power kit, or window tint, some dealers would rarely help, and the rest would often force you to buy the car from them with their parts or make you take it elsewhere to get the improvements from some unknown supplier and no warranty.
This resulted in messy finance, potential warranty hassles and limited options!


Now you can have your cake and eat it as well!
Simply choose the (new or used) car you want to own, come (or call) MRT, choose a performance upgrade package, and we will do the rest!

  • MRT will liaise with your car dealer OR
  • Help find a better deal and then negotiate on your behalf! Due to our strong relationships with local car dealers, we guarantee to get you a better price for you new car!
    Simply follow this link to our new or used car enquiry form
  • We will give you a factory Warranty Guarantee on your car, with the EXACTLY THE SAME BENEFITS you get from the dealer.
  • The warranty will cover the parts you choose (with help from MRT), even if they are genuine or non genuine!
  • Finally you get to control what you want on the car you want!



We have negotiated a excellent deal with several large finance companies who are willing to deliver what you need! New or used cars, OR even if you just want finance to modify your existing car, to help even out your payments.

How do I get this now?

Call MRT, direct and we can help you!


  • One easy monthly finance payment
  • Bundle your modifications into your car payments
  • No need to buy the car then pay separate for your choice of enhancements
  • Deal with one supplier who takes responsibility for the whole job
  • Clear warranty benefits

I just want to modify my existing car

That's fine, we have an option for you as well.

The very same finance company will arrange the money that you need to allow you to modify your car now and make easy monthly payments!
Simply contact MRT and we will arrange this for you.

Contact MRT via our contact web page now, so you can drive the car you want with the parts you want!

Optional Finance

MRT have negotiated several finance options:


The Aussie Money Center Advantage


AussieMoney Center offers a comprehensive panel of over 30 accredited financial institutions for clients to choose from that includes domestic and international banks, finance companies, insurance underwriters, building societies, and credit unions. This choice enables clients to make an informed decision that suits their requirements.


A high standing with the financial institutions and commitment to service means that AussieMoney Centre can often complete your transaction faster, easier, and more price effectively than if you were to try and negotiate direct yourself.


So whether you’re in the market for a car, truck, boat, equipment or heavy machinery, aircraft, need to fit out your office, turn over your company’s fleet of vehicles, or require assistance in planning your finances, AussieMoney Centre can provide an independent solution to your current bank or financial services provider.


So contact Aussie Money Centre and find out why thousands of Australians choose to utilise the services of AussieMoney Centre.


Contact Details:

Phone:                1300 886 810 (be sure to mention "the MRT special Rate")