Whiteline MG1-FRD006 Max G1 Coilover for Mustang S550

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Max G1 Coilover for Mustang S550


Coilovers – Whiteline’s MAXG coilovers utilise race proven inverted damper technology, producing an extremely strong damper, providing superior suspension geometry under heavy lateral and braking loads for both road and track applications. The large 44.5mm diameter damper bore delivers increased surface area loading, eliminating ‘bending’ during high impact loading that is associated with conventional dampers. The MAXG Coilovers also incorporate a 12 stage rebound adjustment system provides an increase in rebound damping force, delivering improvements in vehicle body motion without making the car overly stiff on compression. Whiteline’s MAXG coilovers are perfect for everyday daily driver use and track racing utilizing the customized damper to spring rate ratio whilst providing the flexibility to handle mild changes in spring rates. The MAXG range is hand built in Europe using high quality precision machined steel components and decades of motorsport experience to ensure optimum performance, longevity and are essential to ‘Activate More Grip’.

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