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The Eternal Question: Handling vs Power? (Click picture to Read Article)

Autosalon magazine issue 71
October 2008

The Eternal Question

Take a MY08 Impreza WRX STi and a Mitsubishi EVO X GSR 5 speed to the local track and work out which one is faster or better! Add power to one and handling to the other.

"The premise of the battle is quite simple: take two top of the line performance Subaru's, in this case, brand new MY08 Impreza WRX STis. Give one WRX STi to MRT, where they go to work on it aiming to improve power and response by fitting one of their well-developed engine enhancement kits. The second STi goes to suspension specialists, Whiteline Automotive, who apply a similar level of modifications, but only to the suspension components alone.

So one car has more power, response and driveability, but it uses standard suspension. The other has standard power, though it’s still a significant 221kW, but the suspension has been fettled, optimised and had the shortcomings fixed. Both would be pitted against each other to answer the age old question of which is better – power or handling?

Which would be victorious? Where would the gains be? Which would be quicker and where? Wakefield Park was the venue which would provide the answers."

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which is better or faster?

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