Hot Tuner Challenge 2012

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HTC - 2012

MRT's fourth year in a row with Motor Magazine hot tuner again resulted in some excellent results from the journalists who tested the car. The great aim of Hot Tuner is that it's a fully independent test of the car as a whole car. Incredibly MRT had only 3 weeks to prep their BRZ as all the Subarus were delivered late as opposed to their Toyota cousins who had months.

The MPS was MRT's flagship model that has been a long lead test for MRT for 2 years.


Both cars were aimed at the fun factor not a power screamer or drag junky. Other models submitted by other shops were stroked, rebuilt engines, or, a mismatch of parts that had virtually no testing done.


5 days prior, MRT completed over 40 laps at Sydney's motorsport park testing the car as a final shakedown for the final Specification List of Parts to be left on the car for the HTC test. Both cars ran 100% reiable and delivered the results we expected.


The cars has some small changes we wanted to make to further improve and with limited time a final set up was chosen for the expected result. Kumho tyres, road or R spec, sway bar settings.

Motor Mag cover shot_sm HTC MRT BRZ_sm

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