VW developing 10-speed DSG and e-turbo

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Volkswagen has revealed it is developing a 10-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and a high-performance diesel engine fitted with an electric turbocharger.

News of both advanced technologies was revealed by VW Group boss Martin Winterkorn at the weekend’s Vienna Motor Symposium.


The 10-speed DSG is part of the company’s drive to meet strict new CO2 emissions legislation in Europe, where car-makers are required to lower fleet-average CO2 emissions to 95g/km or less by 2020.

In terms of the number of ratios, it will be a big step up from the six- and seven-speed twin-clutch automated manual transmissions seen in existing VW Group models, as well as vehicles from other car-makers.

However, General Motors and Ford recently announced they will team up to develop conventional (torque converter-type) automatic transmissions with nine and 10 speeds.

Hyundai is also developing a 10-speed auto and Jeep’s new Cherokee will be the first model in Australia with ZF’s new nine-speed auto.

Speaking at the Austrian engine fair, Dr Winterkorn said plug-in technology remains the best and most efficient powertrain option for the medium-term, and that natural gas has great potential as an environmentally friendly and economical fuel.

However, he said he believes internal combustion petrol and diesel engines could be made 15 per cent more efficient with improvements in combustion and thermal management and reductions in friction and weight.


The VW Group chief also confirmed his company was developing a high-performance diesel engine that will deliver 100kW per litre – a specific power output considered cutting-edge for petrol engines.

Dr Winterkorn said the high-output diesel would feature an array of advanced technologies, including a variable valve-train assembly, a high-pressure injection system that delivers up to 3000 bar and an “innovative e-booster” or electric turbocharger.

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