Tweaks for Toyota 86

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Toyota has bolted a Torsen limited-slip differential into the rear of the 86 GT sports car with automatic transmission.

Adding $300 to the purchase price of that particular variant means at least that the entry-level auto model can now match every other model in the range for traction.

The upgraded specification for the 86 GT auto is one of  two running changes introduced to the 86 range; the other improvement being a standard rear spoiler for 86 models in the GTS level of trim – adding $500 to the purchase price of those variants.

The good news for buyers on a budget is that the entry-level 86 GT with manual transmission remains priced just below $30,000.

To date Toyota Australia has sold 4800 units of the diminutive sports car, despite supply constraints since the car's launch here. While the 86 has been a break-out hit for Toyota – both around the world and locally – the two changes broaden the car's appeal and address feedback from the public.

According to Toyota, the LSD ensures the automatic GT boasts the same dynamic properties as every other model in the range, and the rear spoiler serves to further distinguish the GTS from the cheaper GT models.

Toyota 86 pricing:
GT manual – $29,990 (no change)
GT auto – $32,790 (+$300)
GTS manual – $35,990 (+$500)
GTS auto – $38,490 (+$500)

Options (no change):
Metallic paint: $425
Aero pack: $3,000 (GTS only)


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