Trident unleashes 1423Nm diesel Iceni supercar

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Supercars – whether real or conceptual – churned out by puny niche manufacturers are a dime a dozen these days, but a diesel-powered roadster that allegedly hits 320km/h is worth taking note of.

Pictured here is the oddly named Trident Iceni, which debuts on September 5 at UK’s Salon Privé 2012, to be held at West London’s Syon Park.

Norfolk-based Trident Sports Cars says its £75,000 (just under $A115,000 in our money) open-topped sportster is capable of running on mineral diesel, bio diesel, palm oil and linseed oil, making it an intriguing and versatile proposition.

At its heart lies a thumping GM-sourced 6.6-litre Duramax V8, which cranks out 321kW and 1287Nm in the base version, but there’s also a more extreme version that ekes out a ludicrous 493kW and 1423Nm of torque.

Another key stat is that at that 70mph (112km/h), the engine is ticking over at a barely-idling 980rpm, and the company claims a constant cruise at this speed will yield a fuel consumption figure of just 4.1L/100km and a theoretical touring range of over 3200km.

Highlighting the flexibility of the engine, there is almost 950Nm of torque on tap even at this low engine speed.

For the record, Trident claims the Iceni can sprint to 100km/h in a Porsche 911 Turbo-matching 3.7 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 200mph (320km/h).

There’s not much more info to go on at this stage, but it’s believed drive from the mid/front-mounted diesel is channelled to the rear wheels by a modified GM-sourced automatic transmission.

The company claims the Iceni isn’t just a pie-in-the-sky concept, as it plans to take orders for the car at next week’s Salon Privé.

“We are very pleased to be at Salon Privé which this year is a great celebration of all things British and home grown talent -- something we feel very strongly about at Trident,” said Trident Sports Cars Managing Director, Phillip Bevan.

“It is also a place where sportscars and supercars of this calibre are sold, and we look forward to taking new orders for the Iceni at Syon Park this September.”