Toyota 86 gets rally ready

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Toyota Motorsport Germany (TMG) is hard at work developing a rally-ready version of the 86 it says will be available to privateer rally customers in time for the 2015 season.

Appropriately dubbed TMG GT86 CS-R3, the modified 86 will be built according to R3 regulations meaning it will feature a six-speed sequential gearbox, limited slip differential, modified engine, adapted brakes and other upgrades. TMG has previously developed the CS-V3 version (pictured) of the 86 for race tracks. Building one for rally roads was a natural progression.

TMG’s engineers say the 86 rally car will be modified to "the maximum level permitted within the regulations", and will be eligible to participate in all FIA-sanctioned rallies, up to and including the World Rally Championship.

"Rallying is in our blood at TMG so it is very exciting to announce that we will be expanding our rally operations," said TMG's principal engineer of customer motorsport, Nico Ehlert.

"The GT86 CS-R3 promises to be a thrilling car on the rally stages; with rear-wheel drive we can expect some dramatic action which is sure to be entertaining for drivers and fans alike."

Full specifications and pricing will be announced in the coming months.
 As to whether the model would make it Down Under, TMCA (Toyota Motor Company Australia) says importation of the GT86 CS-R3 would remain a customer initiative.
 "In light of the success of the Toyota 86 globally and Australia's appetite for rally, we'll certainly be monitoring the development as it progresses, but have no plans to import the car, this would be up to private individuals," explained TMCA product PR manager, Steve Coughlan.
 "TMG  is yet to confirm the full specs, timing for deliveries and importantly pricing, so it's a little too early to predict the level of interest from such privateers."


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