TYRES: Kumho sponsors school karting

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Tyre maker Kumho has signed on as the main sponsor of the new Australian Schools Karting Championship (ASKC), which lets school-aged students compete and learn about motorsport.

The affordable new championship costs $145 per team of three students, which covers kart hire, race fees, helmets and race suits.

The series takes place in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane and could become a breeding ground for up-and-coming Daniel Ricciardos.

Thus far, more than 60 students from 17 schools across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory have signed up, as schools vie for the honor of ASKC honors.

It also provides an alternative sporting outlet for school kids, and Kumho national marketing and training manager, David Basha, said the new comp would encourage motorsport participation.
"Kumho is pleased to partner Australian Schools Karting Championship as it brings the thrills, craft and discipline of motor racing to a new young audience," he said.
"We are strong supporters of entry level motor sport and there is no purer form than go karting.
"The Kumho ASKC will be the ideal first step for students to discover the challenges and rewards of motor sport and learn about speed and car control at an early age,” added Basha.
Kumho also supports Formula 3 racing and the Kumho Australian Junior Rally Challenge was created to foster new talent in rally racing.

Gerald Chait from KartSchool Australia, the company behind the AKSC, said Kumho’s support for the championship will help keep costs low for students.

"I wanted to make the Kumho ASKC as cost effective as possible and Kumho's sponsorship has allowed us to make it easier for competitors to get involved at a cost effective price,” said Chait.
"The Kumho ASKC has received incredible support from schools and it is shaping up to be a very exciting and tightly contested competition," he added.

Reproduced from www.carsales.com.au