Subaru recalls Impreza, Forester and XV

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Over 50,000 Subarus are subject to a new recall program for a manufacturing defect in the steering column.

Vibration over an extended period could result in a metal plate within the steering column wearing away the wiring insulation. This could lead to a short circuit, which would disable control of the wipers, headlights, horn, driver's airbag and features actuated through the multi-function steering wheel,such as cruise control, audio system and mobile phone connectivity.

The fault could also short out the fuse for the engine management system's ECU. This would shut down the engine.

Subaru advises that 54,572 vehicles are subject to the recall in Australia; these include Impreza and XV (pictured) built between 2012 and 2014, and Forester built in 2013 and 2014. Around the world, Subaru is recalling 236,000 vehicles for this fault. WRX and STI models are unaffected.

In Australia Subaru is yet to record an instance of this fault occurring, and the company claims that the rate of incidence could be as low as 0.007 per cent. In the event that vehicles show signs of damage to the insulation, Subaru technicians will apply insulation tape and urethane foam over the plate.

Damaged wire will be replaced, along with the urethane patch.

This latest recall is unrelated to the Takata airbag issue previously reported. Subaru will contact owners by mail, requesting they take their vehicle to the nearest Subaru dealer for inspection.

The affected vehicles are:
2012 Impreza/XV – 16,263
2013 Impreza/XV – 13,648
2014 Impreza/XV – 5182
2013 Forester – 14,794
2014 Forester – 4685

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