Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 - Latest Update

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The hotly anticipated duo has now been on sale in Japan for a couple of months and the first batch of cars have just hit the West Coast shores of the USA. Australia still has a few more weeks of waiting until we get to see the all-new 2 + 2 coupes.
Both brands have been achieving huge sales figures in Japan with some interesting stats as to the spec of cars chosen as well as the age demographic of the customers buying them. It will be very interesting to see how this compares to other parts of the world and what model variants they receive as locally delivered types.

Despite still not seeing either car in the flesh, MRT has been hard at work gearing up for parts development and testing. Having already begun to catalogue parts for the car, we will be adding larger amounts of products with our next round of updates. We are also interested in hearing from the confirmed owners of the first batch of cars, as well as anyone potentially considering buying either brand in the near future. Your feedback will help us work towards developing parts that you want to see available on the aftermarket.

Initial drive impressions from those lucky enough to have driven the cars say that they are an all-round great sports car with a very pleasant driving experience. We have already started to see some aftermarket companies modifying them, with some very interesting choices of parts and styling already.
It seems from the pre-delivery hype and then the initial reviews that the Subaru/Toyota joint venture has gone very close to hitting the nail on the head as to what the consumer wanted in a sporty coupe. Once the cars make their way into the public in Australia we will post our own drive details and some opening technical updates too.

Stay tuned to our future newsletters and online store, the BRZ/86 duo have our team excited from a development point of view, and we will be sure to have plenty of future offerings for this model.

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