Subaru BRZ: In a dealership near you

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Subaru's cult coupe, the BRZ, enters Subaru dealerships for the first time in 2014.

First released in July 2012, the BRZ has until this point only been available via an online portal, which famously crashed upon inception thanks to massive demand.

Subaru Australia has benefitted from 'increased production efficiencies' at Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru's parent company) which has enabled the retail dealership roll-out.


"We continue to work closely with Fuji to keep Australian waiting lists to a minimum," Subaru spokesman David Rowley told Wheels. "We always said we'd roll-out BRZ to our dealer network, once sufficient production was assured and that's now proved to be the case."

BRZ will be offered through all authorised Subaru dealers and will be priced at a National Driveaway rate to match what is offered online, making the six-speed manial $37,150 and the six-speed automatic $39,730. The online portal will also continue.

Subaru has sold 1800 BRZs in Australia since launch in July 2012.

Article as found at Wheels Magazine website.


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