SPY PICS: New generation Mitsubishi Triton spotted

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These pictures, courtesy of the spy photographers at Automedia, provide clues to a production-ready design for the Mitsubishi "L200" Pick Up, known as the Triton here in Oz. The next generation Triton was first unveiled as the Concept GR-HEV at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, but the spy pics clearly show Mitsubishi has adopted a much more conservative style for the production Triton.

Playing it safe in the design department – opting for a very similar shape and style to the existing model – Mitsubishi has crafted a front end featuring a boxier look, rather than the sleek design of the concept seen in Geneva. The higher bonnet line points to enhanced pedestrian safety.

Similarly, the rear end of the new generation Triton is more subdued, eschewing the flowing, futuristic tail lights of the concept.

The heavily wrapped club cab Triton offers similar proportions to the existing model, indicating the same levels of comfort and space will carry over.


Safe is the key word here. Rather than go for the polarising design revolution seen with the Concept GR-HEV, Mitsubishi has opted for evolution with the next generation Triton, a design that invariably screams "pick-up truck."

The new Triton will be powered by a 2.5-litre diesel engine that will produce anywhere between 103kW and 110kW of power and feature the Super Select 4WD system introduced to the current Triton in 2008.

Talk of a hybrid version of the Triton has been circulating since the unveiling of the Concept GR-HEV, with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation board member and Product Projects and Strategy boss, Ryugo Nakao telling motoring.com.au in Tokyo last month that "The Triton successor will get a new diesel engine only at launch. The hybrid system will not be available at that time."

But a conventional hybrid (ie: not a plug-in) will follow the Triton to market – by about 18 months – as Mitsubishi Motors Corporation president, Osamu Masuko revealed at the same forum.

Like the outgoing Triton, the new model will be available in single, double and club cab variants and should hit Australian shores in 2014.

– with Automedia

Story by Tung Nguyen, as found at www.motoring.com.au

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