P-Plate turbo ban to change

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P-Platers in New South Wales could soon be back behind the wheel of turbo powered cars, if plans to scrap the controversial ban are upheld.

Currently P-Platers are restricted from driving any car with eight or more cylinders or any car with forced induction. But a new national system, which judges a car based on its power-to-weight ratio and is currently being used in Victoria, could soon be ushered in.

Already approved by Austroads – the national transport authority for Australia and New Zealand – this new system would allow youngsters to pilot turbo engines designed for efficiency, like the four-cylinder engine used in the Ford Falcon Ecoboost. Performance cars, like the Subaru WRX or VW Golf GTI, would remain banned.

Drivers aged 17-25 have the highest rate of road fatalities according to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics. If approved, the new regulations are aimed to begin from January 2014.


As replicated from Wheels Magazine.