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Subaru has announced online orders are now open for the next-gen WRX.

Following on from the sales success of last year’s BRZ online ordering program, Subaru Australia will take up to 100 pre-orders for its latest cult car via the website www.subaru.com.au/wrx-top-100

The reaction to the BRZ online experiment was so frenzied that the website couldn’t initially handle the traffic, but fear not — the system is more robust this time around. “We learned a lot from BRZ online,” Subaru spokesman David Rowley told Wheels. “No-one outside the company knew about the WRX site until today, and without the pre-publicity on pricing and specification we expect the demand to be more manageable, more enthusiast-driven…the backend has been built to cope,” he continued.

A $2500 deposit will guarantee shipment within the first Australian WRX batch, which is expected in March/April 2014. With price and spec not announced, online customers will retain the right to have their deposit fully refunded; otherwise they’ll have 14 days to complete the transaction once the vehicle has landed.

Online pre-orders for the new WRX will close at 11:59pm on December 2013, or when 100 orders have been taken; whichever comes first.

Once the online quota has been filled Subaru will adopt a more traditional retail roll-out, with subsequent vehicles sold through the dealer network.

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