Nissan to offer Nurburgring-conquering GT-R aero

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Nissan will finally offer the bespoke aerokit that helped the GT-R set a record-beating 7:08.679 time around the mighty Nurburgring.

The time, claimed to be the fasted lap ever for a volume production time, was recorded with a GT-R sporting a specially designed aero called the NISMO N Attack Package that until now hasn’t been available for sale.

That changes following Nissan USA’s announcement that US buyers can (for an undisclosed fee) have their GT-Rs fitted will the full record-breaking aero pack.

The catch is that it has to be fitted by Californian tuning company, STILLEN, that just happens to be owned by former Nissan works racer, Steve Millen.

The NISMO N Attack pack includes, naturally, a huge rear downforce-boosting wing and plenty of less than subtle aero aids but also adds a pair of bucket seats that were also used in the record-breaking attempt.

Controversially, the N-Attack Package throws away the standard car’s suspension in exchange for a ‘special’ Nurburgring-tune race-spec suspension that, arguably, stretches further the claim that the record breaking car was a standard, volume production car.

By John Mahoney

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