New Liberty Variant Previewed In Beijing

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Subaru today unveiled an exciting new Australia-bound Liberty variant at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

The Model Year 2013 variant features a new grille, front bumpers, sporty sills with chrome-type highlights, exclusive 18-inch wheels and ride height raised 60 mm.

Interior detail changes include black metal-type centre panel, centre console and steering switch panel, while the electronic park brake and SI-Drive switches are relocated for easier use.

Nick Senior, Managing Director, Subaru Australia, said: "This new Liberty variant will be ideal for Australian roads, where we have a huge percentage of unsealed surfaces and the extra ride height adds to its capability in regional and rural areas."

"Another key aspect of this new Liberty variant is that the hip point is 70 mm higher than the current sedan."

"Only two markets in the world - Australia and China - are getting this new variant, recognising some of the unique road conditions experienced in both countries."

"It is still an enlightening statistic that around 60 per cent of our roads are unsealed*"

"Obviously our All-Wheel Drive Liberty is a great choice for these conditions and the new variant with its extra ground clearance makes an even stronger case."

"We see its main market to be in rural areas, but it will also be ideal for those with tricky driveways, those who travel with trailers and caravans, or just those who want a sedan where you can sit a bit higher."

"The new variant will be available with both 2.5 litre and 3.6 litre engines."

Pricing and release dates will be advised later.

Mr Senior added: "While other Libertys in the range will retain their existing ride height, some of the other enhancements in the new variant will be shared by other Libertys in the MY13 line-up when it goes on sale in the third quarter."

"This new variant gives us another opportunity to bring something different to market and judging by the success of our other recent offerings, including XV and Impreza, we can see a lot of potential."