Mitsubishi reveals 353kW Lancer Evo

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To calm the huge Lancer Evolution fan base in Japan that has been suffering withdrawal symptoms ever since Mitsubishi announced it was not building an Evolution 11, the company has struck back with the heavy-hitting Evolution 10 Final Concept.

Incorporating a retuned ECU and new HKS turbo making its 2.0-litre engine good for an eye-watering 353kW, the Final Concept is the most powerful version Mitsubishi has ever made.

The mad Evo is based on a five-speed GSR and generates 135 kilowatts more power than its donor car, with an upgraded cooling system (larger air intakes and intercoolers) designed to improve thermal dynamics. A new exhaust, adjustable suspension from HKS and 19-inch Rays forged wheels are also added.

A Mitsubishi source tells us that when it phases out the six-speed auto 'SST' transmission in March 2015, the limited edition model will be offered to the public with a 6-speed manual. No word on whether it'll be coming to Australia.

The show car is finished in a mix of matte and gloss black, with chrome trim.

By Peter Lyon -

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