McLaren P1 power figures announced

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McLaren has been drip-feeding images of its camouflaged P1 hypercar in the lead up to its debut at next month's Geneva motor show, but to date, we're yet to see any hard numbers relating to engine output.

Until now.


The figures have been revealed, and, to say the least, they're nothing short of staggering. With 673kW, or more than 900 horsepower in the old money, it's enough pepper to make the legendary Bugatti Veyron take notice.

McLare's mid-mounted, M838T twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8 petrol engine is coupled to a lightweight electric motor to offer the P1 a combined output figure of 673kW and 900Nm.

On its own, the petrol engine contributes 542kW at 7500rpm and 720Nm at 4000rpm. The lightweight electric motor, developed in-house by the McLaren Electronics team, produces 131kW and 260Nm which is available instantly from standstill.


The manufacturer says that throttle response will be instantaneous, thanks to Formula 1-derived boost technology it calls IPAS (Instant Power Assist System), while clever aerodynamics it dubs DRS (Drag Reduction System) will dramatically increase straight-line speed.

More surprisingly, the fire-breathing McLaren P1 is set to offer outstanding environmental performance with combined cycle CO2 emissions of "less than 200g/km", McLaren says. The P1 can also be operated in E-mode (or full electric mode) for "in excess of 10km emission-free driving".

The electric motor is mounted directly onto the engine with drive sent to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

According to McLaren the aid of the electric motor under acceleration also contributes to faster upshifts as the motor's revs can drop far more quickly than a petrol engine alone. Under deceleration, the electric motor provides additional drag torque to slow the P1, and recover energy to the high-density 96kg battery that would otherwise be lost to the brakes.


The P1's battery can also be charged via a plug-in charger than can recharge in only two hours.

The spiritual successor to the infamous McLaren F1, the P1 will fight it out against hybrid super cars from Porsche and Ferrari, all of which promise to take take vehicle performance to the extreme.

Despite its technical complexity, the McLaren P1's interior will be a user-friendly affair and will be offered with several mod cons, including satellite navigation, climate control and a tub-thumping Meridian audio system.

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