Hyundai's radical Veloster 'Midship' unveiled

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Hyundai is not confirming that the car pictured here will ever go into series production – or even campaign on a race track – but as a promotional tool it's sure to get tongues wagging.

Named the Veloster RM [rear midship], the concept car looks like the front-wheel drive Veloster Turbo, but draws on a radical reconstruction with the 2.0-litre Theta GDI four-cylinder engine bolted into place behind the driver. Clearly that means the engine drives to the rear wheels, and with turbocharging and direct injection amping up the power to 300ps (about 220kW), there should be no shortage of performance.


Aluminium suspension helps reduce weight, further enhancing the car's performance. Hyundai states that the Veloster RM features a highly rigid construction, aiding safety and vehicle dynamics.

The concept car has been developed by Im Sebin and Hwang Injin, who collaborated on Hyundai's i20 WRC car. It follows in the footsteps of front-wheel drive small cars that lent their looks to rear-wheel drive race and rally weapons like the Austin Metro 6R4 and the Renault 5 Turbo.


The appearance of the Veloster RM even caught Hyundai Australia by surprise. It's existence was telegraphed in a press release for the show that featured the release of the new 'AG' long-wheelbase luxury mid-size sedan.

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