Google Street View runs into trouble... again

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Google Maps car collides with two cars after fleeing from another accident

An Indonesian man who was driving a Subaru hatchback fitted out with Google Maps equipment has been apprehended by Indonesian police after leaving the scene of an accident and then slamming into two other cars.

The man was driving the Google Maps car through Bogor, near the capital of Jakarta last Wednesday, when he collided with a minivan.

Bogor district police operations chief Hendra Gunawan said the man did stop to assist the driver but quickly escaped as he was concerned about potential repercussions.

"He did accompany the minivan driver to the garage, but he said he was scared the repair fee would be high, so he got in his damaged car and fled." Said Gunawan.

A three kilometre chase then ensued as the owner of the minivan attempted to corner the Subaru, at which point the Google driver slammed into a second minivan and a parked truck. He was finally arrested by police and taken for questioning.

The man was released shortly after and has been required to pay for the repairs of all the damaged vehicles. Gunawan said the bill for the first vehicle in the trio was a paltry 200,000 rupiah, or $19 Australian.

If this is the standard of driver Google is recruiting, perhaps its time to test its driverless car technology? Which, ironically, is expected to make use of Google Maps technology to enable improved autonomous vehicle navigation.

This is not the first instance where Google has found itself in hot water thanks to Street View, after the technology has been derided for breaching people's privacy throughout the world.

Earlier in 2013 Google was fined $US7 million by US authorities for recording citizens' personal data, namely photos, without permission. In Germany a woman was snapped whilst giving birth on a footpath just outside Berlin and some organisations have requested that their premises are blurred in photos published online.


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Story - Matt Calvitto,