Die Hard movie destroys 650 cars

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About 650 cars were destroyed or damaged in the making of the new Die Hard 5 film starring Bruce Willis, including around two dozen supplied by Mercedes-Benz.

The vehicular carnage undertaken by vigilante cop John McClane (Willis) saw 132 cars worth $US11 million destroyed in one car chase sequence alone, all in the name of entertainment.

The director of the fifth Die Hard film, John Moore, told USA Today that 132 cars were destroyed in the scene and that "another 518 required a lot of work", before adding "...there were some good cars there ... that's the fun of it."

"Someone showed me the numbers on the car chase ... you put it all together it was like an $11 million sequence."

Much of the devastation can be seen in a three-minute video (below) which goes behind the scenes of the film's major car chase sequence, set in the streets of Moscow.

Mercedes-Benz supplied 14 different models, including the C-Class, E-Class, Maybach 57, G-Class AMGs and three unlikely hero cars, the Zetros, Sprinter van and iconic Unimog.

Despite the 132 destroyed and 518 damaged vehicles, Anders Sundt Jensen, the Head of Brand Communication Mercedes-Benz Cars, said he was "very pleased" to support the new film.

"From the C-Class to the Zetros, the Mercedes-Benz model fleet could not be better suited to this action film with its spectacular stunts in the streets of Moscow," said Mr Jensen.

A Mercedes-Benz Australia spokesman confirmed that several cars have been supplied to film-makers in Australia over the years, but "most" of them came back without damage.

The new Die Hard 5 film, called A Good Day To Die Hard in the USA, also stars Australian actor Jai Courtney - formerly of Packed to the Rafters - as Bruce McClane's son Jack.

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