Caltex speeds up refuelling

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The dreaded rush-hour refuelling queue could be a thing of the past at Caltex petrol stations, with a new Pay@Pump system being rolled out across 300 Australian forecourts.

As the name suggests, this time-saving technology enables drivers to pre-pay for fuel at the pump, removing the need to interact with a cashier after refuelling.

Pay@Pump will relieve pressure on conventional payment methods during busy periods while reducing queuing times for customers not wishing to use the new technology.

Other retailers have previously allowed pump payment using brand-specific cards but the Caltex system is the first in Australia to permit the use of a wider range of payment types, including the main credit-card providers Mastercard and Visa.

Recently introduced “tap and go” cards will also function with the Pay@Pump system for an even more rapid transaction, but a PIN will be required for security.

More than 50 sites across Australia already have Pay@Pump equipment in use and Caltex Australia will monitor the popularity of the new system to decide whether more sites qualify for the upgrade when the first 300 installations are completed.

Article by Daniel Gardner

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