Bretts Message - July

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I drove the trusty rally service truck and trailer to the latest rally, about a 2,500km round trip. Adelaide was the venue for the race meeting, and we had fun there for sure!
I drove back via Broken Hill to visit some workshops along the way.
For our overseas friends, the trip just from Broken Hill to the next major town was 800km, comprising of so many long straight bits of road - in fact I forget just how many! Think of a straight road for say,10km, then a small hill or bend followed directly by another straight road of say 20km. This sums up almost the entire section of roadway.

We now have a seventy odd day break before our next rally in Coffs Harbour NSW, so the Fozzer will get a small birthday yet again. The whole team is looking forward to a round slightly closer to home as well as the layout of this event. If any readers make it along please make sure you come up and say hello, even grab a photo or two with the Forester.

Our car finally arrived and has already clocked up three full days of dyno time. More by the time you will read this!
See separate (interesting) results and more specific R&D updates.


Just under two weeks to go and we have the project Mazda 3 MPS Gen 2 ready, with the Subaru BRZ coming along nicely too.

Our next track event is in three weeks time, are you coming?
• Marulan on 24th August
• followed by skid pan on September 28th

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Thanks for taking the time to read this months updates. Until next time, drive safe.