Aussie buys gold Usain Bolt Nissan GT-R

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We're not sure if he's a fan of the Olympic 100m gold medallist or just a cashed-up supercar enthusiast (or both)? Either way, an Australian has outbid global rivals to become the owner of a rare one-off Nissan GT-R finished in metallic gold.

The car was created to celebrate Usain Bolt's recent appointment as Nissa's "Director of Excitement" and his swag of Olympic gold medals at the 2012 London games, with the proceeds of the sale going to Bolt's charity.

The Australian bidder paid $US187,100 (A$177,005) for the Bolt GT-R after it was auctioned on eBay. The winning bid was roughly $7000 more than what a standard GT-R retails for in Australia, making it a veritable bargain. In North America the GT-R sells for less than US$100,000.

The proceeds from the sale of the 'Bolt Gold' GT-R will go to the Usain Bolt Foundation, a charity that assists underprivileged children in Jamaica.

The successful Australian bidder requested that Nissan keep his identity a secret, but it's understood the owner is not a car collector.

However the Aussie owner did comment through a statement from Nissan, that the Usain Bolt connection makes the 404kW/628Nm GT-R, which is capable of sprinting to 100km/h in a blink-and-you'll-miss it 2.8 seconds, even more desirable.

"The Nissan GT-R just gets better and better and more refined each year, and the fact that this gold GT-R also celebrates the incredible achievements of the great Usain Bolt makes it something very special indeed," the Australian owner said.

In addition to the flamboyant gold paint job, the one-off GT-R sports real gold interior accents.

Usain Bolt has previously stated that he wants a gold special edition GT-R to drive in his home country of Jamaica, which would eliminate the Australian-bound car's 'one-off' status, but it's unclear whether the gold medal-winning sprinter will get his wish.

Nissan has also confirmed the world's fastest man will be working on more special edition GT-Rs in the future, which are planned to be offered in all global markets. Nissan Australia says it's too early to say if Usain Bolt's upcoming project cars will sold Down Under.


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