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Hot Tuner Challenge 2012

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Hot tuner Challenge 2011

Its run and done........... the THIRD year in a row.
This is testamount to MRT's reputation in the Auto Tuning, Industry!
To succeeed at Hot Tuner, the following specialist knowledge is a MUST!

  • Suspension.
  • Brakes
  • Power

Then bringing it ALL together as ONE PACKAGE!!

The car.............. Subaru Forester S

HTC 2011 MRT Subaru Forester S

The results will be available shortly in Motor Magazine and when we can and we will link it here.

In the meantime here is some handy data to asisst you know more about the car

Comment here on MRT's Facebook and see what everyone says!

The tests:

  • Dyno
  • Track
  • Motorkhana
  • Drag


  • Warren Luff. V8 Super car Pro driver.
  • Steve Richards. V8 Suparcar and Porsche cup Pro driver.



2009, MRT did extremely well, 2010 we doubled the budget, 2011 we went a different path more info below and above!




Sept 8th the 1st issue that contains part one of the 3 part story was released, MRT did extremely well.
The submission of 3 cars resulted in some great reporting by the motor magazine people and pro drivers, Warren Luff and Paul Morris:

  • Liberty MY10 GT
  • WRX STi MY09
  • EVO X
  • Independent Reports



The information that follows is in more detail allowing you to download full spec sheets of the cars we submitted, as we get more information from Motor magazine and are allowed to publish it, we will update this area



Story will be available shortly, in the meantime, check out MM at the news stand!
for full documents and info download these links.










Below are the data sheets which were supplied to Motor Magazine for the hot tuner test.
Please understand these are not PR sheets. They are data sheets containing facts only for use by Motor Magazine authors for their reports.
Due to HUGE demand these sheets are now available as COMPLETE KITS please ask for "HTC Power packs"

Technical documents


Read about the Power upgrades to these cars here.
Read free info and bonus data about the WRX and the Lancer rallIart here

The mods on all cars:

  • MRT power up kits (complete exhaust, ECU upgrade, dyno tune and more)
  • EcuteK ECU upgrade
  • Front and rear whiteline sway bars
  • DBA rotors
  • GFB blow off valve
  • MRT sports brake pads
  • AP racing brake fluid
  • MRT sports springs.
  • other suspension bush upgrades and extra's
  • and more

The test:

  • Were completed by race driver's John Bowe and Warren Luff
  • At Oran Pk and East Ck in August
  • Plus dyno, drag and brake test!
  • Journelists rated the cars and spoke of their opinion