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Data worth publishing that are supplied by clients or other sources. These are articles published in popular magazines, web articles or promotional brochures. Each has a story to tell.

Technical data and information, as well as testing and product reports.

MRT Audio FilesThese technical audio updates will help you better understand some of the more technical aspects of maintaining and modifying your Subaru.

While much of this audio is specific to the Impreza, most of the advice applies to most other Subaru models.

These audio files are designed to support the foundation knowledge that is covered in detail in the Subaru Performance Handbook.

To listen to the audio, just click on the Play button and the audio will automatically play. You will need a player that can play Windows Media Player files (.wma) and a plugin for your browser.

To save the file to your hard drive so you can listen to it later, just click on the title of the audio file or "Read More" button. Then,  right-click with your mouse button on the "Download Audio File" icon and select "Save As" and choose a location on your local hard drive. Please note that you must be a registered member to be able to download an audio file.

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