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Subaru Forester Diesel SUV Rally campaign

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MRT will compete again in the 2013 Australian Rally Championship in their SUV class winning Subaru Forester Turbo Diesel
Watch our TV interview on the debut of the Forester here

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Follow news here on MRT's Australian Rally Championship SUV campaign

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The 2012 Australian ECB SUV Rally Championship was a BRAND NEW championship.

2013 will be a further growth opportunity of that

Designed to get more cars into the sport, the brainchild of Scott Pedder, head of the ARC, in response to the demand of Australia's fastest growing car segment.
This is not a "category" its a full blown Championship status series fully recognised by CAMS.


SUV's must be near stock std, the only modifications approved are, Safety, ECU, Brakes, Suspension and Exhaust.

MRT's announcement in 2012

MRT is the first to announce a full assault on every event. read our press release here

"We wanted to get back into the ARC and this category fits neatly into MRT;s target audience for our clients vehicles. In the UK, over 50% of all subarus sold are turbo Diesel, the market here in OZ is in its infancy, MRT are pioneering Software tuning of factory ECU's with many Turbo Diesels, such as Subaru, Mitsubishi and Mazda, so it made a lot of sense" Brett said.
"Plus we will rapidly improve tuning and parts in line with our ARC plans." he added

We specialize in Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi -
Servicing, Dyno Tuning, Suspension, Sway bars, Speed, Handling & Brakes and more..

ARC announcement

Watch the launch video here of the ECB Australian SUV Championship

MRT ARC team Partners

We have already joined with several companies who will be partnering with MRT in the 2012 Australian SUV Championship.
These companies have recognised the enormous opportunity of the PR of the team.

Premier Partners

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if you would like to join and share in over $700,000 worth of TV PR and more, please see below.

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MRT want to "partner up" with companies that share the same passion and drive to leverage the huge advertising potential of the SUV Championship

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The media equivalency value of the 6 x 3.5 minute segments to be dedicated to the SUV category for 2012 is $300K on Ten PLUS
$630K on ONE
+ Web
+ Press
+ Ride Days
etc etc etc etc

Australian SUV Rally Championship Dates




MRT for you

At MRT we do't consider you as a customer, but as a family member, we have the same passion Modified parts and Performance cars

Performance upgrades with factory warranty guarantee as well as lifetime warranty on parts. Servicing and Track days. MRT can upgrade your car with performance car parts, sway bars and much more. Call us now, or watch a video, we are here to help you

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