MRT take the time to reasearch and source the very best solutons for your car. Here we list the common upgrades for the EVO X 5 speed Manual Transmission. As prices vary with manufacturiung costs due to import exchange rates, we dont list prices. Contact us now for a quote on your needs.


  • Master cylinder
    (have you fitted a aftermarket clutch, or sufferd failure of the factory Plastic master cylinder?
    If you answered yes to either then you need this part!)
    Replacement kit for the factory plastic assembly
    3rd generation Master Cylinder(MC3)for the 2008-11 EVO X GSR.
    The Upgraded MC3 has a newly designed Delrin lining.
    Delrin is a very hard brake fluid resistant plastic, which has nearly no friction with rubber seals.
    This allows the new MC3 to have smoother pedal engagements, while extending the life of clutch piston seals.
    Another major upgrade is the longer body design. By lengthening the body of the MC, it allows for all types of pedal height adjustments.
    Designed for use with all types of clutch discs.
    Kit includes:
    + 6061 Billet Aluminum Main Shaft Structure
    + Upgraded Precision Stainless Steel Piston
    + Upgraded -3 Stainless Steel Clutch Line
    + Banjo Fittings for easy installation
    + 10mm aluminum body extension
    + High strength Delrin cylinder wall lining
  • Short shift kit
    replacement stick assembly ready to fit the factory shift mechanism.
    reduces shift throw by 33% and height by 30 mm
  • Shifter base bush kit
    For more direct shift feel and a reliable performance
    Bushing kit replaces the OEM rubber bushings on the bottom of the shifter providing a more stable shifter platform and mounting points.
    This yields improved shifting feel and characteristics for years of enjoyment
  • Shifter cable bushing
    For more direct shift feel and a reliable performance
    “NEW” Shock Factor Shifter Bushings. Developed to perform under the most extreme conditions, Shock Factor Shifter Bushings bridge the gap between ordinary aluminum, brass, and cheap plastics used in current aftermarket shifter bushings by offering a unique Delrin specifically chosen by Torque Solution engineers to ensure product performance and reliability while drastically reducing shifter end play allowing for crisper, more precise shifts.
    All this makes it easy for us to stand behind our shifter bushings with a lifetime warranty. 

Contact us now for a quote on your needs.

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