MRT and Whiteline
Whiteline Swaybars are descended from a long standing quality brand name (originally Selbys). The one and only Selbys Swaybars have been around for quite a while.

MRT work closely with Whiteline and have been involved with their R/D for many years, in fact it was MRT that suggested to Whiteline to develop (now hugely popular) the rear replacement swaybar link for the Impreza back in the late 90’s.
Every Subaru, Mazda and Mitsubishi owned by MRT or Whiteline has been used in partnership with the two companies to develop and test new parts for clients.

“We drive our parts forward” 

The Whiteline Swaybars brand is owned here in Sydney Australia. The range consists of swaybar kits, custom bars and parts covering the biggest range of applications in the world. Only genuine Whiteline Swaybars are supplied in “Silver Sparkle II” metallic powder coat colour.

All parts supplied by MRT or a MRT authorised parner come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE  

The original Selbys Swaybars are also still available in a limited range of fast moving applications. Contact Whiteline for more details.


Heavy Duty Link Kits – The Swaybar range also includes specialised items like the Subaru heavy duty swaybar link conversion kits.

Part numbers are designed to replace the relatively high compliance standard plastic links found on early model Subaru Liberty, Legacy, Impreza and WRX, delivering more direct roll control.

Alternatively you have a choice of extra heavy duty race options made from extruded high tensile alloy. Also available as front and rear complete vehicle kits for a total performance solution.

New heavy duty rear swaybar mounts – for Subaru Impreza, Legacy and Liberty.

It’s well known that the early model OEM rear swaybar mounts can break. Aftermarket sway bars add even higher loads, which can lead to premature cracks and mounting failure. Fit bigger rear bars with confidence or just upgrade your OE brackets to remove mounting flex. Specially strengthened to handle even 24mm adjustable bars.

Available in kit form with universal polyurethane bushes to suit 19, 20, 22 & 24mm bars. Order part # KBR20-Size. Eg, for 22mm bar order KBR20-22.


Front wheel drive car
Fit a REAR sway bar first and then a front sway bar.

Rear wheel drive car
Fit a FRONT sway bar first and then a Rear sway bar

Four wheel drive car (wrx, Evo etc)
Fit a REAR sway bar first and then a front sway bar

Contact MRT now for Suspension advice on how to improve your car. We Guarantee an improved result!

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