Whiteline is famous for its range of tuned suspension kits delivering exceptional handling and ride with further options for road, race and club motorsport. No more compromise!

MRT is a part of the process with Whiteline and we work closely together bringing the strengths of both companies to deliver a product that is far better than any other.

Using the complete Whiteline product range, suspension kits are specially developed as a tunned package. Packages can be bought in stages for a fixed price with fitting labour estimates including a quality wheel alignment using our unique alignment settings. You can buy the kits direct from MRT and have us fit it, delivering a complete package.

The kits are available in 3 levels, Handling Pack, Sports Pack and The Works.

Parts are also available separately, such as:

  • Sway bars (to reduce body roll and improve handling)
  • Suspension bush kits (to reduce the movement of mounting points of suspension under cornering loads, to improve handling and sharpen steering response)
  • Alignment products, such as the famous Anti lift kit and roll Centre kit (To improve dynamics and make cars fun to drive)

Handling Packs. These kits deliver the best value “bang-for-the-buck” handling improvement & provide a dramatic handling improvement over standard without affecting ride height or comfort. Kits typically include heavy-duty sway bars (“Blade” adjustable in some cases); critical alignment or chassis products along with performance rated polyurethane suspension bushes. An ideal first step for greatly improved handling without compromise.

Sports Pack.¬†Lowered height varies between 20mm to 50mm lower than standard depending on specific vehicle and options available. Choose from “Low” or “Superlow” kit options on some cars with height and rate adjustable packages available.

The kits include heavy duty lowered coils specially matched to your cars factory shocks.

An option is to upgrade springs and shock together as a tuned package

The Works. The ultimate solution, a combination of Handling and Sports kits to deliver the optimum performance result.
Low ride height with exceptional handling and performance.

Other options. Each kit has a variety of options available to further customise the package. Kit prices are always cheaper than sum of parts ordered separately, particularly at retail price level. The contents have been carefully chosen to provide the best value for money improvement based on our research

Contact MRT now for Suspension advice on how to improve your car. We Guarantee an improved result!

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