Stability Control systems like DSC and ESP are great safety advances that help the general driver keep the vehicle under control while cornering and changing direction in general. It works in tandem with the ABS system and uses many of the same components. Most new cars sold today have DSC/ESP either standard or as an option and in the US it must be fitted on new vehicles by law from 2011 onward.  That’s a great thing for the consumer but it is an issue for race cars or any enthusiasts that race.

Unfortunately the system forces a particular handling or chassis control model on the driver and that generally means understeer, always understeer and sometimes in big amounts regardless of what you do with changing mechanical components. To make matters worse, the ideal “handling model” designed by the electronic boffins at the car company changes from make to make to model so it’s a moving target. Being a good innovation, its built in safety bias means it works with the ABS which makes it difficult to turn off. And don’t be fooled by the fitment of a DSC/ESP off switch on the dash, in most cases it doesn’t actually turn off the DSC, just dumbs it down. But apart from that, DSC/ESP can actually work for you even while racing so what if you could simply tune it……..

Enter the Whiteline Blackbox. The design lets you actually tune the factory DSC/ESP system. Use a simple knob to tune the understeer or overtseer bias in the cabin, program the amount of intervention or simply turn it off completely while leaving the ABS fully functional. This patented, world first is the only way we know to tune the factory stability control system to suit your preference, setup or motorsport event.

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