MRT and Fulcrum Suspensions. has joined forces to bring serious performance car suspension to the Australian market. TEIN products allow you to extract the full handling potential from your vehicle, and offer the optimal balance between sports performance and comfort. TEIN’s passion is to exceed others in the pursuit of ideal suspension…offering more flexibility, crisper handling, and the ability to turn corners freely.

TEIN is made for ALL drivers in search of total driving pleasure and reminds drivers how fulfilling the driving experience really is. With the ability to feel the grip on different road surfaces, durability to maintain high performance for a long periods and quality to ensure complete confidence, TEIN creates total driving confidence.

TEIN Suspension already has a strong cult following amongst Japanese performance car enthusiasts and MRT has invested research and development to work with the official importers to customise TEIN products to suit Australian vehicles and road conditions.

To do this, TEIN suspensions supplied via MRT with their highly experienced staff work with our own R&D team to oversee an extensive program to fit, measure, test and redevelop the TEIN suspension systems to an extensive range of vehicles.

Check out the full range of TEIN High Performance Suspension products:

  • Super Street kits
  • Basic Dampers
  • S-Tech Coil Springs
  • Electronic Damping Force Controller (EDFC)
  • Performance Bars
  • Pillow Ball Tension Rods
  • Pillow Ball Upper Mounts
  • Bonnet Damper
  • TEIN & SuperPro Performance Enhancement kits
  • TEIN accessories & other products
  • TEIN merchandise

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All TEIN products supplied by MRT come with our exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY!



TEIN Super Street Dampers are exclusively designed for Australian conditions and promise to enhance your vehicles’ handling, whether its for track or normal street use. The TEIN Super Street coil over suspension is height adjustable and damper adjustable to give vehicles more controllability whilst cornering and help fine tune your car’s on road ability. And with a sixteen point damper adjuster you can control under/over steer with the twist of the dial. Unlike most sports and racing suspension the TEIN Super Street model still has an excellent ride quality, which you can make firmer if you are intending a spirited drive or track day.

  • Compatible with daily ‘street’ or ‘racing’ use
  • High Performance and extremely cost effective
  • The damper is re-buildable for repair, overhaul or re-valving
  • Ride height adjustable
  • 16 levels of dampening force adjustment (compression & rebound)

TEIN Super Street kits are available from MRT Authorised TEIN distributors.

TEIN Super Street kits include Dampers, Coil Springs, Shock Absorbers, adjusting spanners, fitting instructions, and warranty and sticker packs (as specified for each vehicle) and are available for a range of vehicles.

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Such as Flex and Mono flex  as these allow even more benefits!

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