Competition, ego, pride whatever you call it, we will not sit back and accept the mass-produced product. Research and development has concentrated on quality and performance… without compromise. A gruelling motor sport program has tested MRT products to the limit, the ultimate test is provided by the many thousands of customers using our  products daily.

At MRT, improved performance is our primary objective. We constantly seek to improve on the standard, the common, the average. The MRT customer expects and demands more from his or her vehicle.

There are two types of spring in the MRT range, Control and Flatout. MRT Control springs lower your vehicle between 15-40mm depending on application. Some factory sports options provide a lower centre of gravity and hence MRT Control Springs may only lower by an additional 15mm. For a greater cosmetic look our Flatout Springs will provide between 25-50mm lowering. Perfect for those wanting that dramatic, cosmetic, low-line look.

In all cases MRT springs are between 15-50% heavier in rate than standard to deliver a reduce squat, reduced body roll on turn and a reduction in braking nose dive will provide a pleasing, flatter squarer look on the road. Remember actual finished ride heights may vary between standard and factory sports options.

Take Control of your vehicles handling now and ask MRT for a quote.

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