The latest development using the most technologically advanced shock absorber designs.

Testing began in 1995 and the 60mm Super Strut made its debut in the World Rally Championship Rally of Portugal with Uchiyama Motor Sport’s Team Impreza. Fitted to a Group A Subaru Impreza this private team car driven by Masao Kamioka finished 5th overall. With the Mitsubishi Lancer Reece Jones and Ralliart New Zealand won the 1996 NZ Championship on DMS 60mm Super Strut shock absorbers.

The 60mm Super Strut was used in the United States for the first time in October 1997 in the Prescott Forest Rally, round 8 of the SCCA Michelin PRO Rally Championship. Result for this production Subaru Impreza driven by Hiroyuki Genta being a remarkable 2nd positon overall in this US Championship Rally. “This 60mm shock absorber gave me a huge advantage, we were able to go very fast over the rough stages and the car flew and landed without drama at high speed.”

Michael Guest was successful on DMS 60mm Adjustable Shock Absorbers winning in Rally New Zealand, Rally Australia, and Asia-Pacific Championships – Group N, 1998. In 1999 Michael Giest is competing internationally for the Winfield World Rally Team in Group N of the W.R.C.

In 2000 MRT’s Brett Middleton purchased the ex Cody Crocker Championship winning Impreza WRX this car won Group N in 1999 and also used DMS 60 mm Super Struts. For the 2000 season Middleton continued with them. “On initial testing of the new car what struck me most was the suspension, this is no lie” Middleton said MRT will continue with the Super Strut.

DMS 60mm Adjustable shock absorbers have the largest piston used in the world for an automobile shock absorber. This allows the most accurate tuning and piston control available.

The larger the piston the higher the control levels due to the larger displacement and pressure areas. Also the larger the piston area the lower the internal operating pressures and temperatures. This provides higher damping capabilities necessary for the most severe conditions in the World Rally Championship.

This adjustable shock absorber has over 250% improved piston control compared to conventional shock absorbers and 47% improvement over the 50mm Giant shock absorber and shock absorbers used by our nearest rival manufacturers.

This adjustable shock absorber also incorporates a hydraulic bump stop which allows for the best ride and traction over the very roughest roads, yet protecting against tyre and chassis damage from unseen holes, rocks and dips.

The top bush oiling system in this 60mm Adjustable Super Strut as well as extending the life of the bushes assists in cooling the shock absorber.

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