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The MY15+ WRX is the first WRX to use the Subaru FA20DIT engine. Through our extensive Research and Development Programme using our own MY15 WRX Development car, we are able to dramatically transform this car with very significant increases in both power and torque.

Interestingly, this new model is it comes with a 6 speed manual (not the STi type) or CVT Transmission that can be used in 8 speed manual mode.

The 2 litre engine can generate more power than the current 2.5 litre STi engine when compared with similar modifications.

As the new engine design has the turbo built into the exhaust manifold, it comes on boost earlier and is astonishingly quick with a MRT Power kit.

Interestingly if you fit an exhaust and don’t have it custom tuned, the power change is very poor, (MY15 WRX poor power Dyno data here) but if you get it tuned its better (MY15 WRX custom tuned power) and if you choose a MRT power kit, you get even better results with:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • MRT GUARANTEED Subaru new car warranty with MRT modifications
  • 100% money back performance guarantee!


Our promise to you is to make sure we deliver on what you need, thats why we offer a warranty on almost every thing that you need.
Ask yourself, does any other supplier offer this? :

  • Custom Tuned.
    Your car will be individually tuned to suit the production variatons, wear and tear of your car 
    Yes your car is unique so we tune uniquely! 
    You can rely on knowing we will deliver a result specific for you. 
    We often spend 2 - 3 hrs fine tuning your car to get the best result , as part of our final testing and quality control.
  • Factory Warranty Guarantee.
    Improve and modify your car and keep all the benefits of your new factory warranty. 
  • Used Car Dealer Warranty Guarantee.
    Improve and modifiy your car and keep all the benefits of your warranty when you purchase a used car .
  • Free Retunes for life.
    As long as your car remains mechanically the same as when we first tuned it, if there is a software update or a edit you need to meed your driving needs we do this free.
  • Noise Guarantee.
    Worried about exhaust noise? too loud, too quiet?
    MRT will ensure we deliver, or your money back.
  • Power Guarantee.
    We carefully test our kits on a large number of cars before we release them.
    That way, even if your car is a "lemon" we can deliver what we promise. No excuses!
    Our kits are not just a list of random parts we want to sell, each part is thouroughly checked for the value it ads to each kit.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
    All parts we supply and fit are good for the life of your ownership!
  • Deal with one supplier.
    We make our parts, we test them, we tune them, we develop them.
    No blaming, we give you the best and not just a list of parts that add no value to your budget, 
  • Money back Guarantee.
    Even after all above and you get your car improved by MRT and for some reason you are not happy, let us know, we will refit everything back the way you arrived and you pay nothing.
  • Made in Australia.
    MRT are proud to be Australian, dont look overseas becuase people say its better.
    We have been working on Subaru's for longer than any other company.