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More Power, Better Fuel Economy & GUARANTEED to keep your factory warranty 

MRT Staged Power Kits are the simplest, safest and most cost effective way to extract the performance you wish you had, whilst retaining the peace of mind of your factory warranty.

Our power kits are dyno and track tested, and available in stages to suit your car, desired performance level and budget.

MRT develop parts in-house and provide them as kits for most popualr makes and models. 
The advantage is you can draw on our decades of experience and rely on getting the result you want, with only the parts you need. 
Every MRT Power kit comes with a huge range of benefits, including our unique Triple Guarantee.

  1. NATIONWIDE Factory (and Used car) Warranty Guarantee.
  2. Lifetime NATIONWIDE Warranty on parts.
  3. Money back 100% satisfaction Guarantee
  4. Noise Guarantee, too loud or too quiet? We will ensure its right for you!
  5. Power guarantee, 100% written data on exactly what you get.


Here is what Pro' Racing drivers Paul Morris and Warren Luff said in the 2010 Motor Magazine Hot Tuner Challenge...... 

  • "Best handling EVO I have ever driven" - Warren Luff - V8 Racecar driver - 2010
  • "Wow that surprised me, it just puts down the power and goes" - Liberty GT MY10 - Paul Morris - V8 Touring car driver - 2010
  • "Wind it past 4500 and all hell breaks loose and it becomes a bloody tornado" - Impreza STi - David Morley - Motoring Journalist - 2010
  • "Thats quicker than a Porsche and at half the price" - Impreza STi - David Morley - Motoring Journalist - 2010 is what Pro' Racing drivers John Bowe and Warren Luff said in 2009......  

  • "It's a massive improvement over the standard RalliArt" - Warren Luff -V8 Racecar driver - 2009
  • "It is really a lot of fun and you find yourself smiling on every corner around the track Its just a fun little motor car". - John Bowe - Touring car legend - 2009
  • "It has really benefitted from the engine tune with a much stronger midrange' - Warren Luff - V8 Racecar driver - 2009
  • "Another car that I have issues with in stock trim, but MRT have fixed wants need fixing - and for a nice price" - David Morley - Motoring journalist - 2009


Manufacturers deliberately build massive performance buffers in to their cars from factory to allow for varying climates and fuel types across the globe, and to protect their interests against people who do not maintain their cars properly.

Listen to an audio file explaining why your car is detuned in detail.

  • Why drive a car that is under powered? 
  • Why drive a car that consumes more fuel than needed?
  • Why tolerate mediocrity when your car is capable of more?
  • You can own and drive a car that is refined for local conditions! 
  • You can modify your car AND maintain the benefits of your factory warranty!
  • You can own a car that is tuned to meet your needs, Power, Torque, Brakes and Handling.

Drawing on our decades of experience, MRT are able to enhance your car to meet your needs. Just because "your car is that way" does not mean it has to be that way from the factory.
We can supply a package of parts to suit your needs that will amaze you in its refinement, reliability and ease of which to drive. 

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MRT have the experience to design, build and tune complete packages "in house". 
Using EcuTeK ECU tuning software, we customize and convert your cars OEM (factory) ECU (with no wire mods, chips or piggybacks) to meet the needs of any new engine (or fitted parts) irrespective of capacity or modifications.
With careful choice of parts, MRT have developed a kit for your model, which can be taylored to meet your needs, with reliable results that will ensure both performance and economy.

MRT's aim is to deliver a package that both meets your needs as well as being designed for local conditions. 
No longer do you need to drive a detuned car that is manufactured to suit many countries, "average" conditions and "average" drivers. MRT can unleash the hidden performance that is "detuned" by your cars manufacturer, a MRT Power kit upgrade will often result in improved fuel economy, better drivability and reliability!

Seven reasons why MRT Power Kits are your best choice

Engine removal for 2.5L upgrade

  1. Our extensive R&D program (We do more testing than than any other company in Australia)
  2. Our unique Triple Guarantee:*
    + Guaranteed Performance and 100% money back satisfaction Guarantee.
    + Factory Warranty Guarantee. (modify your car AND keep the benefits of your factory warranty)  + Lifetime Parts Warranty. (The BEST and LONGEST Warranty ever!)
  3. Proven Track Record. (All parts kits are track tested)
  4. How much power? Its your choice
  5. Single supplier support. (No arguments, no blaming others.)
  6. Improved fuel economy (Yes hard to believe, and very true!)
  7. Drive-ability Focus (Bottom end power, more torque, earlier for longer)

Kits for your car.
If there is no report that match's your exact car, (then simply review the report anyway for reference), and then contact us. We are constantly working on new Power Kits and chances are we have developed and have one ready for your car now, but it may not be documented yet. There is also plenty of dyno data to reassure you, (refer the resources link)

Independent testing at other workshops

There is more to ehnancing a car's performance than simply increasing its engine power and torque. To maintain a well balanced car and maintain or enhance the natural handling characteristics, or fine adjust them to suit your personal driving style, suspension and handling packages and upgrades are are also available. Sway bars, springs, and more for specific suspension related parts can all be purchased, fitted and adjusted at MRT. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Its important to point out that some kits are priced very competitively and as a result we are unable to customise the actual parts, but if you contact us, often we can customise a group of parts and come up with a personal kit that suits your needs and existing parts.

Documents do not have pricing in them,  please call MRT direct or call your local  licenced MRT Distributor for a quote.

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