MRT Performance is prides itself in designing its own exhaust systems that are unique.

The exhaust system that we have steadily developed and improved over many years is used as the benchmark that other suppliers aim for!
Our exhausts are often copied, but the results are never repeated!
All MRT exhausts come with our triple warranty Guarantee.

  • Lifetime owner Warranty.
  • Factory Warranty G’tee. (Dont risk it with other brands)
  • Noise G’Tee. (too noisy or too loud? we will swap it!)

Watch a video on our exhaust and find out why MRT exhausts are considered the best.

and even more benefits

  • 100% money back Guarantee (if you are not happy we are not happy)
  • Proven design backed up by perforamnce data you can count on!

For details on our warranties, please refer here .

With any exhaust upgrade, we recomend, to bundle it with a tested, pre tuned power kit package.
This gives you reliability, more performance and improved fuel economy.


MRT exhaust features

  • All sensors fit in the correct OEM location for accurate and reliable data that your ECU can count on
  • High flow cat converters. (we dont downsize to reduce cost)
  • Super thick 13 mm flanged joints that wont bend or distort.
  • High quality stainless steel that wont rust
  • Incredible mufflers that flow well and are not loud and LAST forever!
  • Tight fit, to ensure good ground clearance.

Ask other suppliers:

  • Do they offer 100 % guarantee for LIFE
  • Do they test and TUNE cars to design their exhausts?
  • OR are they just “pipe fitters”
  • Do they offer a NOISE Guarantee?
  • Is the pipe thick or THIN walled?

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