The FilterMAG magnetic filtration system uses advanced technology to deliver the next generation in engine

Highly recommended for any performance engine, MRT supply and carry stock of most popular FilterMAG products.

Filtermag, allows youto dramatically improve the oil filter in your car using the same technology that is alreay in your sump. The high capacity and extremely powerful magnets used in Filtermag, traps particles INSIDE your oil filter instead of in your sump. So when you change oil and oilfilters you are disposing of the junk that normally sits in the sump (or transmission sump) of your car.

Filtermag is 100% reusable with no maintenance and no cleaning necessary!

In all engine rebuilds specificy Filter Mag due to the long term and short term benefits of the added protection. Even non metallic particles get trapped inside the oil filter due to the magnetic benefits of the re-usable FilterMag. As the metallic particles that are trapped also capture non metallic particles.
Filtermag is totally reusable and can be swapped to other cars when you change cars.
All MRT vehicles utilise Filtermag’s and everytime we cut a oil filter open to see what has been trapped we are astounded at the amount of “junk” that is on the side of the filter immediately adjacent the filtermag.

FIlter mag is even available for auto and manual transmissions. Simply find a suitable place on the bottom of the sump of the transmission and  the filtermag will do its job!
This is a great feature for Autoi transmissions as the pan is large and the surface area of the filtermag is also large.

Most cars these days have some type of (small) magnet in the oil sump and transmission sump. The filtermag provides a mauch larger and stronger magnet to attract and “hold” onto tiny particles that cause wear and tear.

The filter mag also has benefits in improved fuel economy as the oil is kept cleaner and hence reduces friction in all moving parts, such as engine, transmission and drivetrain.

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