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The worlds number one choice for race fuel and lubricants.

The cheapest and quickest way to increase power – ELF Race Fuel

Receive $300 worth of FREE DYNO TIME for the retune of your car on ELF Fuel compliments of MRT.

Simply contact MRT and mention this page and we will arrange the rest.
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Ask about MRT’s fuel Guarantee and how we promise your car WILL perform better on ELF fuel.
Fully compliant to meet (and exceed) CAMS, AKA, MA and the Australian Federal Government requirements.
Imported direct to Australia in 200 litre, 50 litre and 20 litre drums Long term “shelf” life.
Available in each state, via specialists who know how to help you get the best from your fuel.


The number one choice worldwide for winners.

Elf Racing Fuels are scientifically blended for competitors who prepare their vehicles to the highest professional standards.

Competitors running in state or national series events need to understand that the Pump Fuel available throughout the different states can be significantly different in quality and consistency.

To be sure that Elf racing fuels are allowed in your category, check with your categories Supplementary Regulations.
You can use Elf Racing Fuels if your category allows “Fuels as per Schedule G” in the CAMS manual. (see page 6-15) E85 Race Spec85% Ethanol + 15% 98 RON Unleaded.The number one choice for reliability and consistancy.ELF E-85 is accuracy blended for reliability and when compared to other options is a consistant winner.

Elf Atmo Rallye Current Formula One Spec Fuel – Unleaded Elf BFK-07 Racing consistency: 98 octane (RON), 93 octane (MON) racing alternative to pump Elf Moto 124NOTE:No longer availableANDRA Approved Drag Racing Fuel, 124octane- Leaded Elf Performance (Perfo 105)As used by CYBER EVO, winners at Superlap 2010 and 2011The new fuel on the block, the best unleaded fuel in the world (16% oxygen content!)No other fuel comes close. Compare and you will agree.  Elf Racing Methanol Racing Methanol – Indy grade (99.9% Pure) Elf TurboEvo (replaces Turbomax) High in Oxygen, maximum power with no detonation- Unleaded Elf W.R.F.

More National Championships have been won on Elf WRF than any other race fuel.

RF 100 (leaded) Racing 100 (Avgas) for motor racing only

Contact MRT now for more advice on how ELF fuel can benefit you and how its one of the cheapest forms of performance upgrades available.

  • Ask how it can actually make your car run more reliably.
  • For a convenient list, please see below for a growing list of companies in NSW who carry ELF Fuel in Stock:
  • Sydney: MRT Performance, 1 Averill Street Rhodes, Phone 02 9767 4545
  • Wollongong: PowerTech Performance, 135-143 Princes Hwy, Fairy Meadow, Phone 02 4227 1663

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