EcuTeK, is the software used by the worlds top tuners to adjust the factory ECU in your car.
This is done purely via the factory cables in your car and requires no soldering, no chips and absolutely no wiring modifications.

Brands Supported

  • Subaru, all turbo models, inc Petrol and Diesel, from 1999 to current.
  • Mazda, all turbo models, inc Petrol and Diesel as well as direct injection, from 2006 to current.
  • Mitsubishi, all turbo models, from EVO 6 to current inc Direct injection diesel and petrol.
  • Toyota, 86 modles, auto and manual
  • Great wall Turbo diesel
  • Nissan, Juke, R35, Pulsar

Refer MRT Powerkits for examples of upgraded models using EcuteK software as part of the upgrade.

EcuTeK features:

  • Fully customisable to suit your car.
  • Live data logging of the data stream within your cars ECU.
  • Ability to tune your cars ECU to suit your modifications.
  • Can be reversed back to the standard factory tune.
  • Still allows your preferred servicing technitians to scan and test the factory ECU protocols
  • Does not stop your car manufacturer / Dealer from scanning and checking the ECU

EcuTeK Benefits

  • More Power and Torque.
  • In many cases the same or better fuel economy.
  • Your car with factory standard ECU settings is detuned, your EcuTeK tuner can improve your car with no mechanical modifications
  • Used by Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi dealers, and country distributors around the world.
  • By using the factory ECU, you only re tune the part of the ECU that is needed.
    (with after market and replacement ECU’s you pay for a whole new retune)

More details on why an EcuTeK upgrade to your factory ECU can improve your cars performance follow these handy links:

Who Uses EcuTeK?
Winners and major distributors use EcuTeK , you can have the same quality and same software in your car now.

  • Cosworth UK
  • Prodrive UK
  • Subaru UK
  • Mitsubishi UK
  • Osborne Motorsport Mazda GTP race team Australia
  • Grand Prix Mazda GTP race team Australia.
  • Maximum Motorsport / Dean Herridge Subaru Tarmac rally team
  • Steve Glenney Subaru STi Spec C Tarmac rally car MY07
  • Tony Sullens Multiple winner Targa Tasmania Subaru Spec C Sti’s
  • Steve Richards V8 Supercar driver. Subaru STi Spec C
  • and many more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can tune my car afterwards?
    Any EcuTeK tuner can tune and upgrade it, both here in Australia and overseas.
    all EcuTeK tuners share maps, rescources and data.
  • Will it need more tuning later?
    If your car remains the same as when it was tuned, your cars ECU will remain reliable and need no further tuning.
  • Does my car need to be tuned on a Dyno?
    No, often your car can be road tuned and keep dyno time and costs to zero or a minimum.
  • What is the cost?
    An ECU tune using EcuTeK software is the best value for money power upgrade you can get. Its also the most reliable.
    Costs vary depending on what model and what modifications you have
  • My car is factory standard will I benefit?
    Yes, as your car is detuned when supplied by the factory, this is due to car companies making cars to suit a huge range of markets.
    In all cases your car will be more Powerful, have more Torque, probably better fuel economy and often more features. (Like the Si Drive in some models)
  • I know I will do more modifications in the future, should I wait and get it tuned later?
    Your will benefit now, and then when you do more mods in the future and get a tune update you will be better off.
    The cost for the tune update will be much less then the first tune, plus the cost of the 1st and the 2nd tune would be the same in total if you waited for it all at once
  • My mate has a free software download off the Internet, can he tune it afterwards?
    It depends on the type of software he has, more importantly, is your mate a specialist and does he have the same experience?
  • Is the tune guaranteed?
    This depends on the tuner, however most MRT partner tuners, (like MRT, S/J auto, Mercury Motorpsort, etc)  all give 100% money back guarantees
  • Is my Factory warranty effected?
    Yes, however some workshops give the same warranty as the factory and give a Factory warranty Guarantee.
    These include MRT, S/J auto, etc
    So you CAN have your cake and eat it. Modify your car AND keep the same warranty 🙂

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