MRT Performance is proud to offer the proven performance and durability of DBA rotors.
These are the best rotors we’ve found for high performance street use in most popular cars. Especially Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi.

These rotors are direct, bolt on replacements for the standard parts, and their main benefits over stock parts are

  • Superior stopping power due to
    slots and improved surface treatment.
  • Longer lasting.
  • Great looks.
  • Greater heat dissipation.

For ultimate performance MRT Performance recommends the slotted rotor.

These top of the line rotors have been designed, utilising advanced computer modelling. The carefully designed slots aid cooling of the rotor, as well as dispersion of water, dirt and out-gassing.

In an independent test, these rotors gave a 5% shorter stopping distance over OEM parts. The rotors were the only change.
The testers, from the Nationwide Defensive Driving School, also reported greater consistency in brake operation and improved pedal feel. Now you know: those slots aren’t just for show!

As befits a top of the line product, the rotors are plated with a gold coloured zinc di-chromate passivate on non-wearing surfaces. This plating inhibits surface rust and enhances appearance with a high-tech, two-tone look.

Made in Australia, these parts are reasonably priced. Even the top of the line slotted rotor is cheaper than the standard part.


Sensibly, many owners are taking to the track to enjoy their cars in a safe and legal environment. Unfortunately, these ‘Track Days’ represent the hardest possible use for your car’s brakes – even harder than true racing! Your brakes’ enemy is heat and the effect of rapid temperature change. Race teams know this and go to extreme lengths to bed in, then warm up and cool down brakes before and after each race. Most likely disc rotors will be replaced after each race.

In contrast the usual practice at a ‘Track Day’ is to wait your turn, do a few very hard laps then come off to let the next bloke have a go. This gives your car’s brakes no time to warm up or cool down. The brakes are expected to tolerate this, with minimum maintenance, for years. In fact, over time this behaviour is likely to cause cracking in the disc rotor, no matter how good the quality of the part. Cast iron just doesn’t like to be constantly expanding and contracted rapidly.

With this in mind slotted only rotors are more durable, consult MRT for more info specific to your car.


If you plan to do a considerable amount of track time,  MRT Performance also recommends a switch to a set of road / track, or racing brake pads, such as MRT sport or a true track only pad (contact us to meet your needs).  These will solve most problems. However they are a little more costly (you get what you pay for) after all you can never have good enough brakes!.

With all high performance brakes we recommend “MRT Sport” for fast road and SBS road / race brake pads plus a simple upgrade to the master cylinder (probably the cheapest upgrade you can do to your car) AND Stainless steel brakes lines with high performance brake fluid.

See details on bedding in and general brake maintenance.

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