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More Power, Better Fuel Economy & GUARANTEED to keep your factory warranty 

MRT Staged Power Kits are the simplest, safest and most cost effective way to extract the performance you wish you had, whilst retaining the peace of mind of your factory warranty.

Our power kits are dyno and track tested, and available in stages to suit your car, desired performance level and budget.

MRT develop parts in-house and provide them as kits for most popualr makes and models. 
The advantage is you can draw on our decades of experience and rely on getting the result you want, with only the parts you need. 
Every MRT Power kit comes with a huge range of benefits, including our unique Triple Guarantee.

  1. NATIONWIDE Factory (and Used car) Warranty Guarantee.
  2. Lifetime NATIONWIDE Warranty on parts.
  3. Money back 100% satisfaction Guarantee
  4. Noise Guarantee, too loud or too quiet? We will ensure its right for you!
  5. Power guarantee, 100% written data on exactly what you get.


Here is what Pro' Racing drivers Paul Morris and Warren Luff said in the 2010 Motor Magazine Hot Tuner Challenge...... 

  • "Best handling EVO I have ever driven" - Warren Luff - V8 Racecar driver - 2010
  • "Wow that surprised me, it just puts down the power and goes" - Liberty GT MY10 - Paul Morris - V8 Touring car driver - 2010
  • "Wind it past 4500 and all hell breaks loose and it becomes a bloody tornado" - Impreza STi - David Morley - Motoring Journalist - 2010
  • "Thats quicker than a Porsche and at half the price" - Impreza STi - David Morley - Motoring Journalist - 2010 is what Pro' Racing drivers John Bowe and Warren Luff said in 2009......  

  • "It's a massive improvement over the standard RalliArt" - Warren Luff -V8 Racecar driver - 2009
  • "It is really a lot of fun and you find yourself smiling on every corner around the track Its just a fun little motor car". - John Bowe - Touring car legend - 2009
  • "It has really benefitted from the engine tune with a much stronger midrange' - Warren Luff - V8 Racecar driver - 2009
  • "Another car that I have issues with in stock trim, but MRT have fixed wants need fixing - and for a nice price" - David Morley - Motoring journalist - 2009


Manufacturers deliberately build massive performance buffers in to their cars from factory to allow for varying climates and fuel types across the globe, and to protect their interests against people who do not maintain their cars properly.

Listen to an audio file explaining why your car is detuned in detail.

  • Why drive a car that is under powered? 
  • Why drive a car that consumes more fuel than needed?
  • Why tolerate mediocrity when your car is capable of more?
  • You can own and drive a car that is refined for local conditions! 
  • You can modify your car AND maintain the benefits of your factory warranty!
  • You can own a car that is tuned to meet your needs, Power, Torque, Brakes and Handling.

Drawing on our decades of experience, MRT are able to enhance your car to meet your needs. Just because "your car is that way" does not mean it has to be that way from the factory.
We can supply a package of parts to suit your needs that will amaze you in its refinement, reliability and ease of which to drive. 

Own a Subaru and need more data? - click here

Own a Mitsubishi and need more data? - click here

Own a Mazda and need more data? - click here

Read what other people say about MRT power kits here

MRT have the experience to design, build and tune complete packages "in house". 
Using EcuTeK ECU tuning software, we customize and convert your cars OEM (factory) ECU (with no wire mods, chips or piggybacks) to meet the needs of any new engine (or fitted parts) irrespective of capacity or modifications.
With careful choice of parts, MRT have developed a kit for your model, which can be taylored to meet your needs, with reliable results that will ensure both performance and economy.

MRT's aim is to deliver a package that both meets your needs as well as being designed for local conditions. 
No longer do you need to drive a detuned car that is manufactured to suit many countries, "average" conditions and "average" drivers. MRT can unleash the hidden performance that is "detuned" by your cars manufacturer, a MRT Power kit upgrade will often result in improved fuel economy, better drivability and reliability!

Seven reasons why MRT Power Kits are your best choice

Engine removal for 2.5L upgrade

  1. Our extensive R&D program (We do more testing than than any other company in Australia)
  2. Our unique Triple Guarantee:*
    + Guaranteed Performance and 100% money back satisfaction Guarantee.
    + Factory Warranty Guarantee. (modify your car AND keep the benefits of your factory warranty)  + Lifetime Parts Warranty. (The BEST and LONGEST Warranty ever!)
  3. Proven Track Record. (All parts kits are track tested)
  4. How much power? Its your choice
  5. Single supplier support. (No arguments, no blaming others.)
  6. Improved fuel economy (Yes hard to believe, and very true!)
  7. Drive-ability Focus (Bottom end power, more torque, earlier for longer)

Kits for your car.
If there is no report that match's your exact car, (then simply review the report anyway for reference), and then contact us. We are constantly working on new Power Kits and chances are we have developed and have one ready for your car now, but it may not be documented yet. There is also plenty of dyno data to reassure you, (refer the resources link)

Independent testing at other workshops

There is more to ehnancing a car's performance than simply increasing its engine power and torque. To maintain a well balanced car and maintain or enhance the natural handling characteristics, or fine adjust them to suit your personal driving style, suspension and handling packages and upgrades are are also available. Sway bars, springs, and more for specific suspension related parts can all be purchased, fitted and adjusted at MRT. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Its important to point out that some kits are priced very competitively and as a result we are unable to customise the actual parts, but if you contact us, often we can customise a group of parts and come up with a personal kit that suits your needs and existing parts.

Documents do not have pricing in them,  please call MRT direct or call your local  licenced MRT Distributor for a quote.

Other related links:

WELCOME to our featured model parts list pages.
If you cant find a list for your model, please e-mail us as we are always working on new lists.

Please choose a list, by clicking it, you can access it as a PDF and then save it to your PC.
Each list has a comprehensive list of the many parts we offer for that specific model.
Descriptions and benefits are included.
If you need more info, please contact us here so we can help

Motor Magazine independent tests
Other helpful parts lists are here. Specification sheets for cars at Hot Tuner Challenge 2009 and 2010

{loadposition partlists}

Other helpful Links:

At MRT we only use the best products for our aftermarket brake systems, as we believe that awesome stopping power and absolute safety are of the utmost priority.
As such, we recommend and fit genuine replacement parts, MRT sports road and race pads, as well as high quality aftermarket suppliers such as DBA, Brembo, AP, SBS, Hawk, Goodrich, Alcon and more.

Click the menu heading or choose from the left hand menu to see a growing list of topics you can choose for more information

See below for more topics, articles and information, (if you cant find what you need please contact us) or contact us here for quick answersOther resources listed below

Many workshops concentrate mainly on straight line speed, at MRT we believe that a balance of speed, brakes and handling are essential for fun in your car, hence we offer comprehensive suspension upgrades and tuning for all models of car.

We have strong partnerships with leading brands such as Whiteline, Nolathane, MCA, Powerflex and TEIN which enable us to provide the widest variety of suspension parts and upgrade packages for your car.

See below for articles and further information.

ALl MRT suspension kits come with:

  • Lifetime warranty on parts when supplied and fitted by MRT (we give a longer warranty than our suppliers)
  • New and Used car factory warranty Guarantee (so our parts wont effect your car warranty)


World No. 1 Performance Tuning Software Solution

EcuTeK, is the software used by the worlds top tuners to adjust the factory ECU in your car.
This is done purely via the factory cables in your car and requires no soldering, no chips and absolutely no wiring modifications.

Brands Supported

  • Subaru, all turbo models, inc Petrol and Diesel, from 1999 to current.
  • Mazda, all turbo models, inc Petrol and Diesel as well as direct injection, from 2006 to current.
  • Mitsubishi, all turbo models, from EVO 6 to current inc Direct injection diesel and petrol.
  • Toyota, 86 modles, auto and manual
  • Great wall Turbo diesel
  • Nissan, Juke, R35, Pulsar

Refer MRT Powerkits for examples of upgraded models using EcuteK software as part of the upgrade.

EcuTeK features:

  • Fully customisable to suit your car.
  • Live data logging of the data stream within your cars ECU.
  • Ability to tune your cars ECU to suit your modifications.
  • Can be reversed back to the standard factory tune.
  • Still allows your preferred servicing technitians to scan and test the factory ECU protocols
  • Does not stop your car manufacturer / Dealer from scanning and checking the ECU

EcuTeK Benefits

  • More Power and Torque.
  • In many cases the same or better fuel economy.
  • Your car with factory standard ECU settings is detuned, your EcuTeK tuner can improve your car with no mechanical modifications
  • Used by Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi dealers, and country distributors around the world. 
  • By using the factory ECU, you only re tune the part of the ECU that is needed.
    (with after market and replacement ECU's you pay for a whole new retune)

More details on why an EcuTeK upgrade to your factory ECU can improve your cars performance follow these handy links:

Who Uses EcuTeK?
Winners and major distributors use EcuTeK , you can have the same quality and same software in your car now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can tune my car afterwards?
    Any EcuTeK tuner can tune and upgrade it, both here in Australia and overseas.
    all EcuTeK tuners share maps, rescources and data.
  • Will it need more tuning later?
    If your car remains the same as when it was tuned, your cars ECU will remain reliable and need no further tuning.
  • Does my car need to be tuned on a Dyno?
    No, often your car can be road tuned and keep dyno time and costs to zero or a minimum. 
  • What is the cost?
    An ECU tune using EcuTeK software is the best value for money power upgrade you can get. Its also the most reliable.
    Costs vary depending on what model and what modifications you have
  • My car is factory standard will I benefit?
    Yes, as your car is detuned when supplied by the factory, this is due to car companies making cars to suit a huge range of markets.
    In all cases your car will be more Powerful, have more Torque, probably better fuel economy and often more features. (Like the Si Drive in some models) 
  • I know I will do more modifications in the future, should I wait and get it tuned later?
    Your will benefit now, and then when you do more mods in the future and get a tune update you will be better off.
    The cost for the tune update will be much less then the first tune, plus the cost of the 1st and the 2nd tune would be the same in total if you waited for it all at once 
  • My mate has a free software download off the Internet, can he tune it afterwards?
    It depends on the type of software he has, more importantly, is your mate a specialist and does he have the same experience? 
  • Is the tune guaranteed?
    This depends on the tuner, however most MRT partner tuners, (like MRT, S/J auto, Mercury Motorpsort, etc)  all give 100% money back guarantees
  • Is my Factory warranty effected?
    Yes, however some workshops give the same warranty as the factory and give a Factory warranty Guarantee.
    These include MRT, S/J auto, etc
    So you CAN have your cake and eat it. Modify your car AND keep the same warranty :)



MRT, Official NSW Distributor

The worlds number one choice for race fuel and lubricants.

The cheapest and quickest way to increase power - ELF Race Fuel

Receive $300 worth of FREE DYNO TIME for the retune of your car on ELF Fuel compliments of MRT.

Simply contact MRT and mention this page and we will arrange the rest. 
Hurry Limited offer only 2 per month available!

Ask about MRT's fuel Guarantee and how we promise your car WILL perform better on ELF fuel. 
Fully compliant to meet (and exceed) CAMS, AKA, MA and the Australian Federal Government requirements. 
Imported direct to Australia in 200 litre, 50 litre and 20 litre drums Long term “shelf” life. 
Available in each state, via specialists who know how to help you get the best from your fuel.


The number one choice worldwide for winners.

Elf Racing Fuels are scientifically blended for competitors who prepare their vehicles to the highest professional standards.

Competitors running in state or national series events need to understand that the Pump Fuel available throughout the different states can be significantly different in quality and consistency. 

To be sure that Elf racing fuels are allowed in your category, check with your categories Supplementary Regulations.
You can use Elf Racing Fuels if your category allows “Fuels as per Schedule G” in the CAMS manual. (see page 6-15) E85 Race Spec85% Ethanol + 15% 98 RON Unleaded.The number one choice for reliability and consistancy.ELF E-85 is accuracy blended for reliability and when compared to other options is a consistant winner.  

Elf Atmo Rallye Current Formula One Spec Fuel - Unleaded Elf BFK-07 Racing consistency: 98 octane (RON), 93 octane (MON) racing alternative to pump Elf Moto 124NOTE:No longer availableANDRA Approved Drag Racing Fuel, 124octane- Leaded Elf Performance (Perfo 105)As used by CYBER EVO, winners at Superlap 2010 and 2011The new fuel on the block, the best unleaded fuel in the world (16% oxygen content!)No other fuel comes close. Compare and you will agree.  Elf Racing Methanol Racing Methanol - Indy grade (99.9% Pure) Elf TurboEvo (replaces Turbomax) High in Oxygen, maximum power with no detonation- Unleaded Elf W.R.F.

More National Championships have been won on Elf WRF than any other race fuel.

RF 100 (leaded) Racing 100 (Avgas) for motor racing only

Contact MRT now for more advice on how ELF fuel can benefit you and how its one of the cheapest forms of performance upgrades available.

  • Ask how it can actually make your car run more reliably. 
  • For a convenient list, please see below for a growing list of companies in NSW who carry ELF Fuel in Stock:
  • Sydney MRT Performance 1 Averill Street Rhodes, Phone 97674545 
  • Woollongong PowerTech Performance135-143 Princes HwyFairy MeadowPhone 4227-1663


You can research, view and / or purchase ELF products specifically for your car
from the MRT on line shop e-CAT here at any time.

For a complete list of ELF products offered by MRT, follow this link



At MRT we insist of using either genuine or the best quality parts whenever we work on your engine.
Often we see cheap or inferior parts installed in cars that either affect their performance and reliability, or result in engine damage and low performance results.
When inferior parts are installed in high performance engines, the resulting damage can be significant and expensive, plus very dissapointing

Click the Engine link at left or here for more detailed engine information to suit your model.
See below for articles and further information.

With the evolution of the computer has come an evolution in car performance as well, with computers (ECUs - Engine Control Units) in cars now allowing engines to work to the their maximum potential. When choosing an aftermarket ECU for your car, there are many options of ECU types including Interceptior chips, complete ECU replacements and reflashes of the factory ECU.

At MRT, we believe that the best product on the market is EcuTeK which allows the tuner to repgram the factory ECU, allowing us to utilise the experience of the original car engineers, make use of all the factory settings whilst also allowing us to maximise the performance of your car with massive tuning options. In addition to this, we also tune and install many other aftermarket ECUs such as Link and Motec.

See below for articles and further information.

Here at MRT we test what we sell!
Synchro and Dog gear sets as well as factory transmission repairs. We have the experience to give you the right advice.
There are many traps that people and workshops fall into, MRT have huge experience that means you benefit
Click the link on the left or below to access a growing list of sub topicsfor articles and further information.

See below for more topics, articles and information, (if you cant find what you need please contact us) or contact us here for quick answers.

In this area you will find all the bits and pieces that do't fit into all the other categories, things such as gift vouchers, books, DVDs and teamwear.

See below for articles and further information.

MRTBretts Bargains Click Here for Listing

Secondhand, Excess Stock, Slightly marked

Search over ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY THOUSAND parts for your car now using the worlds most advanced vehicle model E-Catalogue. Comprehensive product details, pictures, tech data, fitting tips, chassis numbers and more!

Looking for a Bargain?

Click for a complete list of Brett’s Bargains or click MRT Brett's Bargains logo for the web store list of brand new bargains.


 View the list below for pre loved parts and find what you need!

  • Some parts below are on sale by MRT on behalf of their clients.
  • Some are excess stock and some are slightly marked.
  • Some may have a damaged box or packaging.
  • These parts are not "junk" and are in good working order.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide pictures of these parts at this time.
  • These parts are updated frequently, so come back soon to check out new bargains!
  • If you wish to purchase any of these parts, please act quickly, some of these parts are very fast moving.
  • We can hold parts for a limited time, all that's required is a 50% deposit and we can hold the part for up to a week for you.
  • Please note due to the highly discounted nature of the parts listed here, no warranty is offered.
  • Feel free to call MRT to discuss any parts listed here

To refer below, please contact us via here
When you do, please clearly refer to the part in "Bretts Bargains"
Last update 01/11/2012


MY06 Impreza WRX STi.

Very good history, only been serviced by MRT prior to being rear ended.
Car was hit from rear and crushed boot floor and very slight kink in roof.
Only had 35,000 km on it when the accident occured.

+ Now only have dash trim and speedo cluster left.

Call for details

+ SOLD Leather interior
+ SOLD Driveshafts
+ SOLD STi Intercooler complete with silicone hose kit and mounts
+ SOLD Bridgestone Tyres 
+ SOLD STi wing - Slight damage to base of boot
+ SOLD Roof wing ok.
+ SOLD STi Wheels in average condition 

Tyres and Wheels

15inch Kumho rally tyres
Some near new, ($157) some worn ($127), some only good for trailers! ($27)
195 x 70 x 15 R800
205 x 70 x 15 R800 and R900

  • 15 inch Falken and Dunlop rally tyres
    Some new, some 50% worn
    $50 - $90 each whilst they last
    225, 215 and 185 sizes



  • EVO X FP Red turbo Assembly, BRAND NEW. $1997
  • EVO X complete turbo assy. high flow GT pumps mods $POA
  • EVO 6 Std turbo assy. $975



  • EVO X Long engine. Low km in good condition $4900



  • EVO X stock std head complete with cams $1950



  • EVO X complete SST trans less the valve body, good for spare parts or rebuild $3900



  • EVO X Complete standard exhaust system. Sale for client. Was $800, now $300
  • EVO 9 Genuine stainless RalliArt brand rear muffler. $390
  • RallIArt Lancer, Complete standard exhaust system. Sale for client. Was $800, now 300
  • RalliArt lancer, Std rear muffler $50.



  • EVO X Rear sway bar, Whiteline NON adjustable. small scratchs (RRP $245) $145
  • EVO X Super street, adjustable TEIN shock coil over complete, MRT used for testing only, custom valving. $2570 fitted OR $1970
  • EVO X Genuine Eibach spring set, low km, hardly used. Sale for client. Was $297, now $197, now $97
  • EVO X King spring set. Client changed his mind so you save! $397
  • EVO 9 rear sway bar, WHiteline adjustable BMR65Z scratched in transit, (RRP $252) $145



  • Blow off Valve, GFB Response, slightly marked, never used $295
  • EVO X genuine inlet manifold. 5000 km old $975
  • EVO X genuine alternator assy. 5000 km old $379



  • EVO X alloy hat, Factory, genuine 2 piece front rotors slightly used and newly machined look new! RRP $2180 the set, SELL now for $997 the set
  • EVO X Std front rotors $195 a set
  • EVO X Std front brake pads, slightly used, near new $35
  • RalliArt Lancer Genuine pads, calipers and front rotors, also suits Magna and non turbo lancer as a low cost brake upgrade. $395


Search over ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND parts for your car here now.
The worlds most advanced vehicle model E-Catalogue

Pictures, tech data, fitting info, chassis numbers and more!




  • Subaru TD05 std WRX turbo $490
  • WRX / STi Garret GT30 Part no GT774150 - 5003 HUGE turbo for angle mount application. 0.70 a/r RATIO, 0.63 TURBINE HOUSING, Internally Wastegated, T3 Flange, Brand new. Job spec changed, excess stock. was $1969 NOW $1790 NOW $1590 NOW $1390



  • STi MY96 genuine heads. good condition $970


ENGINE BLOCKS and short assemblies

  • Impreza 2500 cc, crate motor, suits Impreza or Liberty MY95 - 11 brand new condition, pistons, rods, crank, brgs! $1970
  • Liberty RS whole engine less anciliaries, does not blow smoke, suit bugdet engine repair $970


ENGINE PARTS, Injectors, fuel pumps AND Blow Off valves

  • GFB Response, some small scratches. T9003, RRP $349 sell $249
  • Injectors, genuine, MY08 Sti, set of 4 with matching plugs. $195
  • Fuel pump, Genuine STi MY08. $47
  • GFB alloy pulley kit 2010. some small marks RRP $369 sell price $269
  • WRX factory fuel pump $29
  • Fuel pump Walbro 500 HP EVO 6 - 9 incl fitting kit slightly scratched as shipping box was damaged. (RRP 167) $117 ea.
  • STi std fuel pump $47



  • MY09 WRX std intercooler $95
  • MY11 Forester S Std Intercooler $195
  • MY11 WRX Std intercooler $195



  • MY11 Sti Sedan complete exhaust complete with rear quad tip mufflers $797
  • Complete standard exhaust system MY08 - 10 Hatch $570
  • Complete standard exhaust system MY08 - 10 Sedan $570
  • Downpipe, unknown brand, reasonable condition $290
  • Rear cannon muffler and pipe assy $270
  • Up pipe no cat used once, MRT brand, $290
  • MY11 Sti sedan exhaust, no rear mufflers, $397
  • MY11 Sti hatch exhaust, no rear mufffler $397
  • MY11 WRX sedan exhaust, no rear mufflers $297
  • MY11 STi rear twin mufflers with quad outlets $597 now $397
  • MY11 STi rear hatch muffler with quad outlets $597 now $397



  • BSR35XZ (rear adjustable heavy duty swaybar) used trade in (RRP $265) $95 ea
  • BSF33Z (front adjustable sway bar) used trade in (RRP $265) $95 ea
  • BSR49XXZ adjustable Impreza / Forester sway bar new, client changed his mind and bag has been opened (RRP $265) $155 ea
  • WRX MY01 - 11 front sway bar, some scratchs (RRP $265) $155 ea
  • GC8 MY93 - 00 Strut set, Whiteline Group 4. Ex rally car complete Tarmac set, hardly used. $1490
  • WRX MY01 - 07 Tein super street strut set brand new. Cancelled order $2896
  • Forester MY10 Lowered coil over set complete, client changed mind $1590
  • WRX Lowered springs front $97 pair
  • WRX Lowered springs rear $97 pair
  • Liberty Lowered spirngs front $97 pair
  • Liberty Lowered springs rear $97 pair
  • Forester Lowered springs rear $97 pair
  • Forester Lowered springs rear $97 pair
  • MY11 Sti set of front tie rod ends and lower ball joints, near new $97
  • MY11 WRX set of front tie rod ends and lower ball joints, near new $97
  • MY11 STi rear std sway bar $77
  • MY11 STi front std sway bar $77





STi parts and merchandise

  • MY99 / 00 Impreza 4 door. Stainless door trim set, excess stock clearance. Brand new in box. $497 (save $100)
  • MY01 02 WRX Bug eye model. Sti Fog lamp covers, mesh cover with Sti logo and black surround, complete new kit. $297 (save $157)
  • We over ordered on Sti merchandise
  • Sti Pink Lanyard . $9.70
  • STi Carbon Fibre pen in presentation case. $61.40
  • STi Champion cap $33.40
  • STi White Mesh Cap $33.40
  • STi Competitors Jacket $197
  • STi T Shirt $46.70
  • STi Euro Key pink ring. $12.90
  • STi Fusion Pink and Greg polo Shirt $66.80
  • Sti Black embossed leather wallet. $66.80
  • STi Back pack. $66.87
  • STi Pink and Grey Gold Umbrella. $67.90






  • MY95 - MY11 Rear diff alloy protector plate kit, ready to fit. $97



  • Complete Forester Turbo 5 speed transmission, low Km. Good condition $975.



  • MY01 WRX rear wing, factory standard, painted silver. near perfect condition. $50
  • MY01 WRX Fibre glass grille kit. Excess stock $50
  • MY01 WRX rear C west replica lower lip kit excess stock $95
  • WRX wagon GC sedan MY96 - MY00 huge high mount wing excess stock $95



Search over thirty THOUSAND parts for your car here now.
The worlds most advanced vehicle model E-Catalogue

Pictures, tech data, fitting info, chassis numbers and more!




  • Electronic boost control kit, complete in box, great bargain, excess stock, $125, (RRP $397)


  • Series 6 RX7 Custom big capacity radiator PWR (rrp $798) $597




  • Nissan Sway bar, unclaimed stock, suit S13 CA18 chassis, with RB engine, part deposit paid so you save! only $167


  • FORD BA rotors part number DBA4505SL and SR RRP $350 ea, SELL now for $187 ea


Search over thirty THOUSAND parts for your car here now.
The worlds most advanced vehicle model E-Catalogue

Pictures, tech data, fitting info, chassis numbers and more!