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MoTeCMRT have used and recommended MoTeC for many years.
MRT Performance were one of the first accredited MoTeC Approved Dealers in NSW, over 20 years ago, so we have been selling and supporting MoTeC longer than many other workshops.
The immediate benefit to you is product knowledge that you can count on!

More details on Motec products can be found on our on-line shop e-CAT here.

MoTeC M4PSince then MRT have fitted and tuned hundreds of Motec ECU's , including:

  • Subaru (incl WRX, STi, Liberty road, race and rally cars)
  • Nissan (including GTR's and 200 sx)
  • Daihatsu (charades, turbo and normally aspirated road and rally cars)
  • Mitsubishi (Cordia, EVO and more)
  • Honda. Civic, Integra etc
  • Plus many many more

Many of these cars went on to win major race and rally events. or were simply reliable fuel efficient road cars!

The most popular MoTeC products today are available on our website, both whole ECU;'s and supportiing parts. 
Want more? Click on the following link for more information on these products.

MoTeC Dash in carMoTeC DashThe MoTeC Dash a high tech LCD display that allows easy viewing of almost any engine function. Rpm, temps, speed, ANY input. As used by MRT in their Championship winning  Honda Civic and Subaru Forester rally cars. We urge you to consider these when you next wish to improve your car.

You too can succeed with MoTeC