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“The Pleiades” in the firmament

Japanese carmaker Subaru, a member of the American group General Motors (GM), has chosen ELF to supply its ‘genuine’ (i.e. original) service oils.

The chosen 10W-50-grade oil has been called Les Pleiades and went on sale in March 2003. it is the only co-branded product on the Japanese market. ELF LES PLEIADES 10W-50 was tailored to suit the consumption habits of Japanese customers, who are keen on genuine oils. It is also a purpose-engineered solution for the lubricant-guzzling turbocharged 2-litre engine developed by Subaru. This fruitful partnership between Subaru and ELF is reflected in the shared image of a brand that exceeds consumer expectations and is built around technology and motor sports.

Article by: ELF Lub International Magazine N° 12 - Winter 2004/2005


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