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You can research, view and / or purchase Cosworth parts
for your specific car from the MRT on line shop e-CAT here at any time.

Or view a complete Cosworth parts list here

We can supply you the right advice and expert knowledge on these parts or if you wish we can supply a wholesale price to your chosen workshop.

Cosworth leverages its successful motor sport pedigree, performance technology expertise and globally recognized brand to provide high quality engineered solutions for a growing customer base across diverse industries.

The company is home to leading edge engineering, world class manufacturing and comprehensive test facilities.
Their business is geared to deliver smart solutions and exceptional service to customers around the world.

Over the years Cosworth have developed in-depth knowledge of engines, engine components and engine management systems.
This has been successfully used to supply engines to some of the most successful Formula One teams and vehicle manufacturers. Cosworth's unprecedented success in the performance market has fueled customer demand from diverse market sectors.
In addition to the traditional markets, Cosworth is engaged in designing and developing, engines and components for marine, locomotive and aerospace applications.

A rigorous and comprehensive product quality assurance policy is implemented across the business.
Quality engineering is embedded in processes, procedures and team ethic; Cosworth operates under recognized quality management systems.

Cosworth have a dedicated workforce, focused on providing high quality products and solutions to meet ever demanding customer needs.


Disc Brackes AustraliaThe leading, award winning manufacturer of after market disc brake rotors in Australia.
MRT can supply DBA rotors to suit almost any make and model car on the road.

You can research, view and / or purchase DBA  parts specifically for your car
from the MRT on line shop e-CAT here at any time.

OR view a complete DBA parts list here

More details

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) is an Australian owned designer aand manufacturer of disc brake rotors and brake drums which celebrates its 40th year of operation in 2017.

It has grown with the market over four decades, from a time when four-wheel discs were a rarity through to today’s almost universal choice of disc brakes front and rear.

The company’s manufacturing plant is located in Silverwater (Sydney) NSW and has long held QS9000 and ISO9001 quality certification. It started 2007, however, with attainment of ISO/TS16949, the OE ‘gold standard’ accreditation.
DBA’s Sydney plant brings together the latest automated manufacturing techniques with a highly trained staff.
The company also has field agents covering all Australian states plus the US, European and Middle Eastern markets.

MRT prides itself on the connection with DBA and a long history of product use and development through its motorsport.
carry almost every rotor they manufactiure for Subaru, Mazda and the popular Mitsubishi models.

Call us now for expert technical advise on the right rotor to meet your needs. 



What is RaceROM?

RaceROM is a suite of feature enhancements available for OEM ECUs tuned with EcuTek tuning tools, which offers increased tuning & driving capabilities.
RaceROM is available for specific ranges of engine management systems, initially for Subaru electronic throttle (Drive-by-wire) based ECUs. Its also available for Nissan GT-R, Mazda MPS, Mitsubishi etc 


You can now update your car with the race rom features using a Ecutek PRO CABLE. No need to travel to a tuner, we can help you do this at home!
If your preferred tuner does not have EcuteK or Race Rom they can get the cable!
More info on the EcuteK Pro Cable here 


The OEM (Factory) ECU offers the best cold start, driveability and refinement when compared to aftermarket ECU hardware. However, many aftermarket ECUs provide extra (generally motorsport related) features, that many enthusiasts desire.
Unfortunately, when replacing the standard ECU with an aftermarket ECU, the refinement of the standard ECU is often lost.

Now with EcuTek RaceROM, this compromise is no longer necessary.
By way of a software upgrade to the standard ECU, RaceROM adds many custom calibration options to the standard OEM ECU, offering features beyond the standard fuelling, ignition and boost control, yet retaining its driveability, sophistication and fuel economy.



  • Automatic engine "blip" on gear shift downchange. (The Factory ECU blips the throtttle for you as you change down gears) very cool!
  • Flat foot shifting. (hold full throttle and the ECU controls RPm;s as you change gears, for for near zero turbo lag)
  • Launch control. (Hold full throttle and the ECU controls Rpm's for perfect laucnhes everytime)
  • Dual power maps. (high and low power, or 98 Ron and 91 Ron, or valet mode and performance mode
  • Dual boost maps.
  • and much more 


Check if your car is on the list here

then click the Confirmed applications for your model



 visit the EcuTeK Race ROm page here

EcutekEcuTeK tuning products are recommended by MRT for converting your factory ECU to a fully adjustable unit that can be re-mapped and FULLY custom tuned the easy, low cost reliable way!! 

Every EcuTeK tune is Guaranteed to exceed your expecations, 100% or your money back, no questions asked! 

No need to pay for tuning on sections of your ECU that dont need to be!
In many cases aftermarket ECU's require tuning for cold start, idle and more, why pay for this when your factory ECU works perfectly well in these areas now?


More details on this fantastic product at:




GFBGFB manufacture a huge range of quality Blow Off Valves, Boost Controllers and Alloy Pulley Kits all made here in Australia.
You can research, view and / or purchase GFB parts specifically for your car from
the MRT on line shop e-CAT here at any time.

For a complete GFB parts list follow this link

Frequently asked questions about Blow off valves and alloy pulley kits

MRT can give you expert advice on the right Blow off Valve to meet your needs.
We can also advise you on the best alloy pulley kit that will give you instant results.

King Spings

On the world's fastest racetracks, on the street, on the toughest outback terrain there is.

When it comes to spring design and durability, King Springs knows neither compromise nor second best.... these are the cornerstones of our technology, and the reasons why King Springs are leaders in the replacement and performance automotive spring market.

Kings Springs exclusively use high quality, high stress X5K spring steel.

You can research, view and / or purchase King Springs parts specifically for your car from the MRT on line shop e-CAT here at any time.

OR view a complete King Springs parts list here


More details

This new generation steel allows King Springs to further improve many of their existing designs by reducing the amount of steel required in a spring, making it substantially lighter (by approximately 30%) and reducing the solid height therefore increasing travel. Being of particular benefit at all top levels of Motorsport, this new high stress material was introduced to the leading v8 super car teams (inc HRT, FPR & HSV) in early 2007 giving a hugely successful endorsement of its characteristics & proven durability.

Although considerably expensive, King Springs have introduced this new high stress steel to their passenger car and 4wd designs which benefit the most at no extra cost to the consumer. As of now all King Springs manufactured coils are now in X5K material.



King Springs is Australia's leading specialist manufacturer of aftermarket coil springs for worldwide, automotive applications, with internal capabilities to design, develop, manufacture and warehouse volumes between 20 - 500 units per part number.

King Springs leads the way in the design and manufacture of advanced progressive springs with both variable pitch and tapered wire forms.

King Springs service all sectors of the automotive market including passenger, commercial and Four Wheel Drive vehicles and various Motorsport categories including circuit, rally, speedway and off-road racing.

  • King Springs was established in 1956 on Queensland's Gold Coast.
  • Our complex comprises of three adjoining factories spanning 8000 square metres.
  • Administration, manufacturing and warehousing all function from this one location employing 60 people.



King Springs are manufactured at our Head Office and Plant on Queensland's Gold Coast. Our large, modern factory complex, comprising of 3 buildings spanning 8,000 square metres, has been purpose built from the ground up. It includes computer controlled coiling machines, electronic furnaces, Automatic bar peeling process, and cambering machines which have been designed and custom built by King Springs to ensure all areas of our manufacturing process are of the highest standard.

The following is a brief step-by-step description
of our unique manufacturing process.

Only the finest high stress material from One Steel is used, shipped to the plant in an annealed state, then bar peeled and polished to the exact size to remove all surface defects and cut to length.

The material is heated in electric furnaces to 1000 degrees Celsius, formed on computer controlled machines and hardened by quenching in oil to achieve a hardness of 62 HRC.

The spring is then tempered by electronic controlled heat treatment to 500 degrees Celsius and hardness of 52 HRC.

Spring end grinding is applied if required.

Shot peening of the surface is completed to increase durability.

Every spring is solid scragged, tested and a full and final inspection is carried out.

All coil springs are powder coated for the most durable finish and offering maximum presentation.

The springs are finally labelled by inkjet, packed as pairs and ready for shipping. Large stocks are held for immediate supply.

All springs are manufactured under a quality system certified as complying with ISO-9001:2008.

Research and Development

The very heart of our business is the Research, Design and Development Department. It is responsible for the ongoing development and advancement of our product and encompasses all aspects of product evaluation.

At King Springs, we rely heavily on input not only from our staff members, but from the many specialist distributors throughout Australia that install our product daily. We regard qualified feedback as an extremely important part of our development program.

Exacting measurements are taken on and off the vehicle to thoroughly evaluate the design requirements.

Advanced equipment such as CAD systems and computer controlled testing machines are used to develop every part number. The spring is then extensively road tested to further fine tune and ensure optimum performance is gained.

Design Philosophy

At King Springs we're in the business of improving. We believe our product, in most cases, is purchased to achieve improvements in 3 major areas:

  • Height
  • Handling
  • Heavy Loading


Call us now for expert technical advise on the King Spring part to meet your needs


MoTeCMRT have used and recommended MoTeC for many years.
MRT Performance were one of the first accredited MoTeC Approved Dealers in NSW, over 20 years ago, so we have been selling and supporting MoTeC longer than many other workshops.
The immediate benefit to you is product knowledge that you can count on!

More details on Motec products can be found on our on-line shop e-CAT here.

MoTeC M4PSince then MRT have fitted and tuned hundreds of Motec ECU's , including:

  • Subaru (incl WRX, STi, Liberty road, race and rally cars)
  • Nissan (including GTR's and 200 sx)
  • Daihatsu (charades, turbo and normally aspirated road and rally cars)
  • Mitsubishi (Cordia, EVO and more)
  • Honda. Civic, Integra etc
  • Plus many many more

Many of these cars went on to win major race and rally events. or were simply reliable fuel efficient road cars!

The most popular MoTeC products today are available on our website, both whole ECU;'s and supportiing parts. 
Want more? Click on the following link for more information on these products.

MoTeC Dash in carMoTeC DashThe MoTeC Dash a high tech LCD display that allows easy viewing of almost any engine function. Rpm, temps, speed, ANY input. As used by MRT in their Championship winning  Honda Civic and Subaru Forester rally cars. We urge you to consider these when you next wish to improve your car.

You too can succeed with MoTeC




MRT import and distribute a dedicated range of HID (Hi Intensity Discharge) lights that you can rely on. 
In the past you only had a choice of limited bulbs that were either overpriced or so cheaqp they barely lasted a month!

Now you can rely on MRT brand HID assemblies to deliver you

Lifetime warranty
100% money back satisfaction Guarantee
Nationwide parts and servioce back up via MRT partner workshops
Fixed fitting price

all at a Sensible price

These kits have been tested in our Australian Rally Champsionship winning Subaru Forester Turbo with 100% reliability.
So you can count on them when you need it most.

Try them, if you feel they are not up to your expectations, return them to us for a 100% refund, OR if we fitted them we will remove them FREE and give you a full refund.

Check out MRT H.I.D. light kits here for your car
a complete list here of all bulb types 

OR search your car in our online shop click here

Read about what people say about MRT H.I.D. kits here 


You can research, view and / or purchase ELF products specifically for your car
from the MRT on line shop e-CAT here at any time.

For a complete list of ELF products offered by MRT, follow this link

“The Pleiades” in the firmament

Japanese carmaker Subaru, a member of the American group General Motors (GM), has chosen ELF to supply its ‘genuine’ (i.e. original) service oils.

The chosen 10W-50-grade oil has been called Les Pleiades and went on sale in March 2003. it is the only co-branded product on the Japanese market. ELF LES PLEIADES 10W-50 was tailored to suit the consumption habits of Japanese customers, who are keen on genuine oils. It is also a purpose-engineered solution for the lubricant-guzzling turbocharged 2-litre engine developed by Subaru. This fruitful partnership between Subaru and ELF is reflected in the shared image of a brand that exceeds consumer expectations and is built around technology and motor sports.

Article by: ELF Lub International Magazine N° 12 - Winter 2004/2005


For technical data and how your car will benefit with ELF race products follow this link


You can research, view and / or purchase Pfitzner gearbox parts
for your specific car from the MRT on line shop e-CAT here at any time.

OR to see PPG performance transmission parts only follow this link

PPG is an Australian success story, producing high-quality gear sets for use in race, rally and street to global standards.

Utilising state-of-the-art production facilities equipped with the latest available technology, Pfitzner has the ability to produce its distinctive tooth profiles. Pfitzner products have gained a reputation, both internationally & domestically as tough, reliable, and near unbreakable units.

Pfitzner's sole purpose is to produce the absolute best product and aim to exceed customer expectations, without being hindered by assumed limitations.

To find out more how you can benefit from a PPG gearset upgrade to your car, contact MRT now for a free quote and more information on your needs here

or call us now 0297674545

PowerFlexPowerFlex are makers of polyurethane suspension bushes for all popular Japanese, German, Italian and other European models.

Why choose PowerFlex bushes?
With the technological advances in this material it has been possible to overcome the common problem associated with harder bushes which causes increased road noise (NVH). By correctly engineering the polyurethane compound, bushes can be made 25-30% stiffer than new rubber items but with exactly the same noise absorbing properties.
POWERFLEX bushes make sense.

More details on Powerflex products can be found on our on-line shop e-CAT here.

For more information click here to visit the PowerFlex website.

MRT can ship and order parts direct from Powerflex (UK) by airbag for fast efficient delivery to you.
Alfa Romeo is one example that benefits from PowerFlex bush's, the factory suspension parts fail early and a common replacement is powerflex. The added benefit is its cheaper and better.

To find out more  about the benefits of a powerflex bush upgrade to your car and how they can save you money, visit their web site

PowerFlex website


TEINTEIN - One of the worlds most popular shockabsorbers.  Tein is the choice of many, and also used by MRT  in our project cars which includes a R & D partnership with our EVO 9 and EVO X.
Whereby MRT  tests and consults on valving for the Australian market. MRT  stock TEIN and can supply, fit, wheel align and cornerweight the parts for the best results. For more information contact us direct, refer here for wheel aligning data.

You can research, view and / or purchase TEIN parts for your speciific car from the MRT on line shop e-CAT here at any time.

For a complete list of TEIN parts follow this link


TEI' s approach to the Ultimate Sports Suspension


TEI' s approach to the Ultimate Sports Suspension TEIN offers ideal suspension systems for drivers who want quicker and better response to drive freely through turns and who are in pursuit of ultimate driving experience. It gives your vehicle the road holding which allows you to drive as you always imagined. It is an aggressive suspension which lets you put all you have into driving, and allows you look forward to attacking the next unknown turn. TEIN suspensions maintain their superior performance, and are highly durable. Quality of our products can withstand the high demands of the race track. This is what we see as the ideal sports suspension. Each of TEI' s products brings this ideal to reality.

TEI' s superior Quality : Bringing Competition Specification to the Streets

Our foundation of suspension manufacturing lies on motorsports. We believe that the field of motorsports where each milli - second weighs heavily, is indispensable as a place to improve our suspension engineering technology. The World Rally Championships, where the potential is tested on all types of surfaces and the N1 race where production basis cars race head to head for the 1/1000 second lead is where TEIN participates in the motorsports scene as part of the development process. The information gathered from motorsport is fed back to all of our products so that our customers can enjoy this high performance on the streets. Some may think that this level of performance is too much for the streets. However, we aim to give an answer to these aggressive drivers who are not satisfied with other suspension kits.
TEI' s superior performance is born in pure motorsports specifications.

Maintaining High Technology Standards as a Suspension Manufacturer

We approach suspension manufacturing with the pride, in order to create ideal sports suspension. Take for instance, the shock absorber. Our non-compromising approach to reach the specifications for the ultimate shock absorber leads us to input each car models' s characteristics at designing process. TEIN as suspension specialists strive to use the best materials, the most efficient manufacturing processes and the highest overall specification for its products . Unfortunately, there are many products on the market that only supply half the package. This can be a standard type damper with modified settings only or a damper insert to fit a standard shell case, either way this is a compromise. We are a total manufacturer involved in planning, development, prototype designing, testing, production and quality management. This enables us to pursue the highest performance of each part in each stage before the production. Our shock absorbers are the manifestation of TEI' s PHILOSOPHY. Let us introduce a few examples of our technology.
By applying sealed material to the friction surface, friction is exterminated to the minimum, and smooth movement can be achieved. All of joints are applied with sealed material to ensure stable damping control. We use the highest quality chrome molybdenum, and our rod guide clearance is precise to the 1/1000 mm measurement. The overall capacity of the shock absorbers has been also increased. TEIN shock absorbers are 1.3 times the capacity of normal sports shock absorbers, and we have succeeded in maintaining consistent performance at the most arduous conditions.
TEIN shock absorbers can be disassembled / assembled. This means, the shock absorbers can be overhauled, and the specifications changed. This allows products to assure for long term with high performance, in addition to adjust the suspension settings, according to the driver and conditions.

Setting and high quality for Street usage


In certain terms, street usage may be the toughest situation for suspensions. Indeed, specifications for circuit or rally usage call for the ultimate refinement. However, adapting this into street usage, not only does it call for premium sports performance, but an additional requirement compatibility with series production fittings and comfort must also be fulfilled. In particular, since the partial revision of the safety regulations in Japan, the height adjustable shock absorbers which have been categorized as "competition auto parts" are now seen as parts with broad usage.
TEIN has introduced the height adjustable shock absorber - Type H2 Damper series early on, and planed to make installation easier by producing manuals for each model in order to satisfy the DIY users. We will put even more emphasis on quality and safety for the expansion of our suspension fields. We have strong confident of our safety and quality standards.

High Value for Money Through Craftsmanship and High Efficiency Production

Letting as many drivers as possible to use our products at a reasonable price while maintaining high standards of craftsmanship may seem as two opposite factors. However, TEIN, as a specialized suspension maker, can bring this into reality through high efficiency production. Of course, all of our products are put under several quality checks. The prototypes are fitted onto actual car to check feeling and for specification tests using an on - board data processing system. Inspection and analysis from various angles are done by using the CAD - CAM - CAE system. For parts which need high precision, a computer controlled lathe is used. By utilizing this systematic production process, TEIN can achieve high performance products at reasonable prices.

TEIN website


MRT have used and recommended unifilter air filters for over 20 years.

First used by MRT by their rally team in their unique turbo Datsun 1600, unifilter has continued to grow and expand their range as has MRT with their growing need to meet the needs of their clients.


  • Made in Australia
  • Lifetime warranty (when pucrhsed from MRT)
  • Easy to clean, can be disasembled
  • Unique foam design traps dirt.
  • never needs replacing and hence saves on costly future replacement


  • Will a replacement uni filter give me more power?
    NO. typically no replacement panel filter will give you more power
  • Will a unifilter damage my aif flow meter?
    NO. As long as your unifilter is cleaned and re oiled correctly there are no disadvantages
  • My mate says all oiled filters are bad, why?
    In fact all paper filters are also oiled, so why worry?! 
  • If I fit a unifilter will I have to clean it more often?
    NO. The filter has some abiulity to self clean, but like any filter you do have to maintain it 

Contact MRT now to order your unifilter for your car.

More info here. Uniflter australia web site


Filter Cleaning
“With what should I clean my filter?”
The preferred product for cleaning is mineral turpentine (“turps”).  
It is the only safe solvent for use in cleaning polyurethane foam.  
All other solvents will have some detrimental effect on the foam structure over a period of time.             
As an alternative, Unifilter’s “Foam Filter Cleaner” solution is a detergent-based wash designed to be used where mineral turps is either unavailable or inconvenient to use.  
As turps is a solvent it should not be carried within a vehicle.  
“Foam Filter Cleaner” is designed therefore for use when the customer needs to carry out air filter servicing enroute. 

“Can I use petrol, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, methylated spirits etc to clean my filter?”
All of these products will have some greater or lesser detrimental effect on the polyurethane foam over time and therefore should not be used. 

“Should I wash out the foam with soap and water after cleaning with mineral turps?”
No! – this action is completely unnecessary.  After cleaning with mineral turps pad the foam dry with an absorbent cloth.  
Any further residue will evaporate within minutes.  Should the foam be immersed in water, then if every trace of moisture is not removed prior to re-oiling it will be trapped within the foam by the oil and cause long-term damage to the foam’s structure.  

Filter Oiling 
“Can I use any oil to re-oil my Unifilter?”
No! - The best oil for foam air filters is a mineral-based oil.  Unlike synthetic oil, mineral-based oil will never dry out.  
A synthetic oil may be good for inside an engine, but when used on a filter in dusty conditions the oil will dry when it comes into contact with dust.  Once the dust comes into contact with a synthetic-based foam filter oil, a dry crust will form on the surface of the filter allowing more dust to pass through the filter and into the engine.  Unlike a synthetic-based oil however, a mineral-based oil will soak through the dust and continue to catch new dust thus protecting the engine. 
Unifilter’s “Filter Fix” oil has been specially formulated for this sole purpose.  It has a balanced consistency which allows the oil to penetrate the entire foam yet not “drain” from the foam whilst in situ.  In addition, it contains special “tackifier” agents to enhance the dust holding characteristics of the oil. 

“Are there any other filter oil brands I can use?”
Yes! – Unifilter recommends the use of either Castrol or Belray brand filter oil where “Filter Fix” is unavailable. 

“Can I use K&N’s cotton grid air filter treatment on my Unifilter?"
No! – the K&N and Unifilter product characteristics are incompatible. 

“Can I use a spray-on oil treatment for my Unifilter?”
These are not recommended.  Whilst spray-on treatments may be easy and convenient to apply, the propellants used to make the product sprayable will shorten the life of the foam. 

“What is the best way to evenly distribute oil throughout the filter?”
When possible, always warm “Filter Fix” before use.  The best way to do this is to stand the “Filter Fix” bottle in warm/hot water as you would with a baby’s bottle.  
This effectively reduces the oil's viscosity and makes it easier for it to saturate the foam.             
Pour a quantity of oil into a suitable container (a used ice cream container is ideal) and work oil through to thoroughly saturate the foam.  As a less messy alternative, place oil and foam into a sealable “zip-loc” bag.  Manipulate the bag to ensure oil is worked well through the foam.  Snip a bottom corner from the bag and squeeze leftover oil back into its bottle for future use.             
Fold and squeeze the foam to remove any residual oil.  It is recommended to then wrap the foam in an absorbent cloth a squeeze again.  
You can never remove too much oil using this method.  
The correct amount of oil in the foam is when pinching by hand will “just” produce a small amount of residual oil on your fingers.

Technical info on how unifilter can help your engine is now here

Whiteline Authorised Reseller

MRT Performance maintain a strong partnership lasting well over a decade with Whiteline for the support and distribution of their entire product line.

In January 2018, Whiteline implemented an Authorised Reseller program and as Australia's #1 Whiteline Reseller, we were (of course) first on board!

When you choose Whiteline products supplied from MRT, you also get LIFETIME WARRANTY on top of the Manufacturer's standard warranty. You're also guaranteed fastest shipping Australia wide and industry best pre and post sales support! OR a fully fitted option in your vehicle at our Rhodes facility.

You can research, view and / or purchase Whiteline parts specifically for your car from the MRT on line shop e-CAT here at any time.

Whiteline boasts a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of replacement, enhancement and performance suspension components that deliver significant gains in vehicle balance, steering precision, grip levels and outright driving performance.

When it comes time to #activatemoregrip, Whiteline has you covered.

Whiteline Technical


 Performance are happy to announce our new partnership with Mishimoto for the support and distribution of their entire product line.

You can research, view and / or purchase Mishimoto parts specifically for your car from the MRT on line shop e-CAT here at any time.

NOTE: Shipping time is tytpically 1 - 3 days for the majority of items. However while we extablish this new brand, we may occasionally have to order your parts in from Mishimoto's main warehouse in the USA. In these rare cases, shipping time may be up to 10 working days.


Established in 2003, Mishimoto has more than 10 years of experience in working toward the goal of providing superior cooling system upgrades for daily drivers, track cars, trucks, and bikes. Mishimoto was created for automotive enthusiasts by automotive enthusiasts. They are a cohesive team that works hard to consistently provide the highest-quality products and service!

Everything the enthusiastic and innovative Mishimoto team accomplishes is done in-house. From the moment the products are conceived until the day they are put into production, the team of engineers designs and tests each and every one in their state-of-the-art testing facility to ensure quality and performance. From there, the Video Team creates Installation Videos to guide you with step-by-step instructions through the installation process, complete with ranking of installation difficulty (1/5 to 5/5), and tool and hardware lists. These installation guides are also available in a printable PDF for your convenience. Once the product is ready for release, the Marketing Team creates new eye-catching designs that rock the industry and make sure that you, the customer, know you are getting the very best from start to finish when the product arrives at your door. 


Mishimoto cares about quality.Thanks to the growing team of talented engineers, designers, and customer service representatives, Mishimoto guarantees products that will meet your needs as well as your high standards. Mishimoto products have been praised on many websites and in magazines all over the world, including DSPORT, Super Street, Import Tuner, Japanese Performance, Banzai, Fast Car, and many more. To see all the press, check out magazine appearances here!


All Mishimoto aluminum performance radiators, intercoolers, air intakes, fan shrouds, direct-fit oil cooler kits, silicone hose kits and couplers,and racing thermostats are carefully designed for a clean, direct-OEM fit for easy installation.

*Note: Some products require very minimal modification and are noted on the product pages when applicable. We recommend licensed professionals for all Mishimoto installations.


All Mishimoto products are tested rigorously to ensure the quality of our data. Mishimoto radiators, intercoolers, and oil coolers have been proven to provide greater cooling efficiency over stock units. Most Mishimoto products are released with Engineering Reports that detail our testing. All Engineering Reports, Features and Benefits videos, and Installation Videos can be found on the Mishimoto Tech Page. You can also check out the Engineering Blog for even more behind-the-scenes information!


Mishimoto radiators and fan shrouds feature high-quality TIG-welds and a polished or brushed finish to enhance the appearance of your engine bay, while Mishimoto intercoolers feature cast end tanks that not only support even your most rigorous use, but also look great! Mishimoto silicone hoses, couplers, catch cans, and accessories are available in an array of colors that will add style under the hood. We want your engine to look just as great as it performs, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with every Mishimoto purchase.


Mishimoto’s experienced and talented Research and Development Team engineers products using an arsenal of state-of-the-art 3D modeling tools, including a ROMER Arm and rapid prototyping 3D printer, as well as Computational Fluid Dynamics, fabrication tools, a dynamometer, Solidworks, and much more. Their ROMER Arm and rapid prototyping 3D printer are two of the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment we use in our design process.

The 3D printer allows Mishimoto to test-fit a prototype model and makes any necessary changes before the next step in production. The ROMER Arm is used to engineer products, verify measurements, check accuracy from CAD drawings, and ensure the highest level of quality control. When using the CAD software and the ROMER Arm in conjunction with the rapid prototyping machine, Mishimoto are able to produce actual plastic prototypes of products that can be used for test fits on vehicles. This process significantly shortens the interval between inception of a product idea and the time it becomes available for purchase. By using this technology, Mishimoto are able to ensure the utmost accuracy to engineer the best-quality products possible. In addition to the test-fitting process, once fitment is confirmed Mishimoto dyno their products to test for additional horsepower gains. Mishimoto use an all-wheel Dynojet dynamometer to ensure the best possible results. Click here to watch engineering process, from concept of a product to completion.

Just like the rest of Mishimoto, the entire R&D process takes place within the 17,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility located in New Castle, Delaware. Everything is done in-house to guarantee the best possible quality control.


Mishimoto's ROMER arm and rapid prototyping machine shorten the time between inception of a product idea and the time it becomes available for purchase, all without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the product.