Sydney Formula SAE TeamMRT Performance has a specific yearly budget allocated to supporting people, teams and community groups.
As the leader in our market we believe this to be a major component of our business.
Supporting leading drivers, or aiding new people who show particular skill, either way the MRTlogo associated with these partnerships links us with them and in turn opens new doors to other benefits. (often with MRT involved other companies offer more assistance as well).
We are often able to assist with introductions to our suppliers as well.

Maybe you could be included. For more information on this please contact info@MRTrally.com.au


Ryde Rotary ClubMRT have supported the university of Sydney Formula SAE team for some time. The team changes yearly and some members continue to help even after they have finished their degree. The aim of the competition is to build a car to a common formula that is suitable for many applications, such as standing start’s, motorkhana, for more news and data, please refer their web site.


Rally team sponsorshipEvery year the club organises fundraising for projects to support children, MRT Performance have been supporting this worthy cause for over 10 years now and whilst it may not be advertising related we feel its important to support the local community especially when the project is related to children.


MRT have been involved with the UTS Formula SAE team for several years. Like the the Sydney Uni team, they are made up of a group of passionate automotive Engineers who team together to build a car.


An obvious passion of MRT, we support a large number of teams both locally and internationally. Cars that have MRT support are primarily noted by the MRT P logo’s on the front panels and rear wings. Support varies from cash deals to free product or large discounts. We enter into all arrangements with teams for at least 1 year, however many teams have been in partnership with us for many years.

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